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    Oh wow, tons of Windows users I see, but I have had success using this guide. For all us Mac users, you are no longer stuck using old firmware! I am no Terminal guru or anything, so anyone can do this. If you are using the OSSC, you will be successful to follow this guide 😉

    Using this with 0.75 firmware and a generic eBay Sandisk 2GB MicroSD Card. Good luck!

    Don’t worry about it not being an .img file, it will work the same using the standard .bin

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    Thanks for the tip!



    Sorry but this doesn’t work. I succesfully updated firmware 0.73 some months ago (NOT using this technique though), but with 0.76 it doesn’t work, even though I’m using you’re technique. It always end up by the OSSC stating “invalid disk image”. Can someone please find an easy way for us mac user to update firmware?? I don’t like the idea of spending hours each month to install new updates. Thanks.



    Or, I get “invalid argument” in the Terminal when trying to write disc image from bin on SD card. I get an error also with using the dd software. Nothing works so far.



    OK it finally worked. The technique shown above is partly correct, but if you write in Terminal rdisk2 (or whatever number you have) it will not work. You have to put disk2, without the r. So something like this: sudo dd bs=1m if=/Users/nameofuser/Downloads/ossc_0.76.bin of=/dev/disk2
    for some reason rdisk didn’t work with 0.76, which led me to multiple try and fail before I found the way to make it work.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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