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    The UltraHDMI and the Analogue Super NT have something they call “Hybrid Scanlines”, which seems to lighten sections of the scanline based on the surrounding pixels. Here’s an example picture from RetroRGB:

    Is there any chance we could see something like this on the OSSC?



    I think this kind of function requires a framebuffer.



    Not necessarily, if Scale2x can be done with just a line buffer, this might be possible too, though it depends how the effect works.

    Truth of the matter is though there’s not much space left on the OSSC now for big new features.



    Is there any plans of making v2 or 1.5 with lot more space.

    Or is it possible to move some files into the sdcard.



    Challenge accepted 😀

    I did some testing which uses a very simple way of creating hybrid scanlines so it can be used on the OSSC. What do you think about the results? I like how it has a CRT bloom like side effect.

    First is hybrid then normal scanlines.
    Mario 64 hybrid scanlines
    Mario 64 normal scanlines
    Mario Allstars hybrid scanlines
    Mario Allstars normal scanlines



    Looks great!
    *please link to a bigger pictures.

    The completely white region should still have scanlines clearly visible, a more realistic look would be 2 rows white and 1 row black (240p in 720p).
    Real scanlines are quite uniform and visible at maximum luminance (white), they gradually get thinner on darker regions.
    On a properly calibrated CRT (100 Nit peak luminance) the white color is not overbloomed or ‘connected’ as in your example images.

    Here are some photos from my 29″ Sony Trinitron:

    Mainly this one:

    A great option would be to have the white region and black region scanline strength adjusted independently.

    Great work!
    Now lets see how they look in 720 after you fix the white region scanlines. 🙂



    Very nice proof-of-concept! But yeah I agree the darkening should not completely disappear in high luminance sections.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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