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    Hi everybody! I watch TeamSpooky religiously and I love how clean their CPS2 and CPS3 gameplay looks 😀 I was really thinking about buying a kit myself, but I noticed that everyone I see who has this interface, whether it’s a stream or a YouTube video, has part of the video image cut off on the tops and bottoms… supposedly this is the result of the multiplier the device is using, but it’s my understanding that people with the CPS2 HDMI kit don’t have any user configurable options yet – and because of this, it almost makes more sense to keep using the OSSC :/

    But then I started wondering if it was possible to implement the aspect ratios used in MAME to fit the entire image; even if we only added one additional mode, it would hold the majority of us over in the meantime until we got a proper update (OSD, etc.)

    I don’t program myself, so I have no idea if adding something like this would be a month long project or if it would be a two second fix, but this is the one thing that’s holding me back from buying a kit and if it is possible to make a quick firmware update for it then I’d buy one in a heartbeat 🙂

    Here’s hoping!



    I could add a 1920×1200 firmware relatively quickly if there urgent demand, but the plan is to integrate OSD and dynamically selectable resolution in month or two (hopefully I have some extra time during Christmas holidays…) which is why I would prefer not to fork the firmware at this phase.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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