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    So I’ve been testing the device with my Samsung UN65JU7500, when I keep the image still it works fine but as soon as the screen scrolls. The TV loses sync, it’ll come back and it’ll lose sync again. I messed around with LPF setting still drop outs. Changing the analog sync to 2.5mhz keeps it on longer but still unusable.



    Which console are you using?



    Super Nintendo(NTSC) yeah, I pulled out my genesis and it worked fine. I ended up making a Luma sync snes cable, it works fine but now my bvm won’t sync. Going to see if i can find a snes that works with a Csync cable and the ossc.

    I am using a bnc splitter between the BVM and ossc. The csync worked fine apart from the dropouts. The genesis works fine. Now with the luma sync snes cable bvm doesn’t work.

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    Fixed the C sync wire was grounded, error on my part. Works great. LUMA sync on snes is a must.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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