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    I have 2 problems.

    I have a Mega Drive with the worse Jailbars I’ve ever seen. On a CRT/PVM they are noticealbe if you look for them close up, but using the OSSC they are very distracting. I have removed Capacitor 28 which has imrproved the jailbars from distracting to noticeable but I want more.
    For a simple mod which Im able to do I was looking at the Voultar mod however I have heard it has compatibilty issues. My Mega Drive is a Model 1 VA4.

    Secondly, I have a Sega Multi Mega which has zero jailbars 😀 but has a very grainy image, this is even with a Pack-a-punch cable. In fact there is very little difference with the pack-a-punch cable and the standard one Retro Gaming Cables. The Voultar mod was orginally made for the Multi Mega / CDX. Was it for the grainy picture? Does anyone have a writeup on how to do it on a Multi Mega CDX?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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