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    Hi Folks!

    I’m trying to get the minimig AGA Core on my MiST Fpga working with the OSSC. Unfortunately, my TV (a Panasonic TX-L37EW5 from 2012) won’t work with any of the LX3,4,5-Settings 🙁
    The MiST is configured to disable the Scandoubler, so Output from it’s VGA is shown as RGBS 313p @ 15.79kHz, 50,47Hz, whilst Output from OSSC is set to VMod 288p, LC313, VSM 2

    But I’ve got another problem…. First of all, the OSSC has to be switched on and set to “AV1: RGBS” prior to powering on the MiST. Otherwise, the OSSC won’t get sync. The upper half of the resulting piucture is pulled to the left and flickering, the lower half is rock solid. I can solve this by lowering VSync Threshold below 5.0us until the sync is lost. Adding threshold to 5.07 will regain sync and the upper half of the picture is solid, too.
    The problem: I have to do this every time I power on the devices. Any solution for this?



    The digitizer chip has issues with non-interlace signals using odd-odd field signalling (identified by VSM=2). One solution is to hook the source to AV3 VGA input (doesn’t MiST already output VGA?) which has a bit different sync processing chain and doesn’t inhibit this issue (but has a few other bugs).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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