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    Hello there. I am planing to get a new TV and the OSSC rather soon. As it i can be rather complicated to get a TV that is working which all modes I would be glad if you guyy could recommend me a good .55 Inch TV that is working with all modes of the OSSC.



    You’ll probably want to share what country you’re in and what your budget is, because not all compatible displays are sold in all markets, and prices can range from $300 to $3000.



    Yes thats right. Sorry. Location is Europe (Austria) and budget is up to 2000 Euro.



    For that kind of money you’d get an LG B8 OLED TV and still have change, which is compatible with all modes according to this.

    That’s assuming you actually plan to spend that much on the set.



    On the cheap side (bought it £429 in late 2017), there is the LG UJ6300

    So far it accepted everything I thrown at it. IT’S NOT THE BEST TV EVER but it’s a combination of :
    Cheap price
    4K and HDR10 (up to 60Hz with 4K & HDR10 enabled)
    11ms to 14ms of input latency in game mode (less than a frame !)
    No risk of burning (reviewed 10/10)
    Low motion blur
    Great OSSC compatibility

    The rest is average but again, £429 a year and a half ago, I bet you can find it cheaper now or for the same price but bigger, mine is a 119cm (49″).

    I think that, based on what I’ve read on the “tv compatibility thread”, this TV could be on the top three of best TVs for OSSC if your sort them by price/compatibility/input lag



    I have an LG TV in my sitting room also. It’s a 43UH650V and it seems to also accept all modes. Most of the LG and Samsung sets seem to have good compatibility. The only thing is the SNES was losing sync at 5x but that’s without the dejitter mod.



    Thanks for the Infos. @steo Well 2000 is the maximum amount I would be willing to spend. I am not sad if I can get a good TV at at a lower price. But the TV I want to buy should be future proof and should be holding up for at least 5 years. Better would be even longer.

    It should also be a good allround model. Suitable for modern gaming (xbox one x) and retro gaming via the OSSC ( the consoles I am going to use, will be the N64, the sega saturn, gamecube and the orginal xbox).



    Well the OLED TV would give the best PQ possible if that’s what you’re looking for and it’s compatible with all modes. The only downside to an OLED is that they can suffer from burn in if they’re used at really high brightness to play the same content day in day out. If you’re spending that much anyway then I’d go with an LG B8 or C8. I’m assuming you’re not going to max out the brightness and play the same game every single day for a crazy amount of hours for weeks on end anyway.

    You can get high end LED sets that use good local dimming, which you would also get for that price. I’m pretty sure the Samsung QLED sets are supposed to be good, though I’d rather confirm it works with all modes first since that’s what you’re after.



    The Samsung Q Series also Looks nice indeed but I am more into the Oled because they are known to work with all modes with the OSSC. As I want to get the most out of my Future OSSC it would be important that all modes will work on my upcoming TV.



    I recently picked up the Samsung QN55Q8F 55″ QLED TV. It works great with the SNES over OSSC in 5x mode (Though my SNES is de-jitter modded) and it overall looks great! It does have some off-angle issues, but not to the point where I am unhappy.

    I went with this due to reviews on the shmups forums regarding 4k TVs that work with retroconsoles and the OSSC. I also tend to watch TV channels with static logos on screen and leave them on all day in the background. An OLED’s risk of burn-in was a turn-off for me, and when the QLED TV I now own arrived and it looks fantastic, I felt it was worth it.

    I also tend to keep TVs for a long time. This is my first TV in 11 years.



    I was assuming the QLED TV’s would be good for it, but didn’t want to just tell people to assume it would work in case they ended up disappointed. It’s good to know that they work for all modes too.

    It’s just a thing of preference now as to whether you prefer the black levels, colour and viewing angles of an OLED or if you think you’ll leave static images on for extended periods of time frequently and are worried about burn in and prefer an LCD. The QLED sets should still have really good contrast and colour so long as you plan to view it from the centre.



    Steo It is always a good Thing to check the TV out first before recommending them blind. According to my Research it seems that the Oled and the Samsung Qled a re equally good concerning Image Quality. So it should be just a matter of Preference which Technology to choose.

    PQ and compability with the OSSC are the most important Things too. It seems that both TV have These Features.

    I am ware of the burning in risks of the Oled Displays but the Reports I have found about it in the I net seems to be rather mixed. Some People say it is no big deal and others say the opposite.

    I am not watching TV at all, so the only static logos my TV would Encounter would be the Hud of some games..



    Yeah that’s what I did. The QLED sets are really good too and actually have a really good contrast ratio, QLED can also be extremely bright, but people that compared them side by side said that the OLED is still better in terms of PQ. OLED also has better viewing angles like I said, so it’s literally up to you what you prefer and if the viewing angles matter to you.

    The only thing I couldn’t confirm for the QLED was whether all modes would work, but going from other Samsung TV’s, it was likely. I did also say I’d wait and confirm it works with all modes, I didn’t just say go buy one without confirmation. If I didn’t know what I was talking about then I wouldn’t have replied, because I most certainly wouldn’t recommend a TV blind. I’m the type of person who fixates on every little thing when it comes to stuff like TV’s.



    Good to know about the viewing angles steo, not sure if they are important to me or not. Depends where I put my TV. if I put it at the same place then my smaller current TV) viewing angles are quit important. Sometimes the pic Looks bad if I view it from a certain angle. So that would be a plus Point for oled.

    Cocerning TV im also now a Person that checks every small Detail. If I had done that earlier in 2017 I would not be in the postion to give the TV already away. it is no bad Tv, but a nood a good gaming TV. I did not pay enough Attention to the Needs of a Gamer back then.

    Thats why I am more careful this time. And asked in the Forum.



    I’m like that with everything in technology where I focus on every little thing. I’ll be also buying a new TV in the coming months and I’m thinking of going with an OLED myself.

    I double checked it all on the newer QLED Q8F, the black levels and contrast ratio are pretty good, better than my current VA set. The colours will be amazing too and the TV should handle HDR pretty well.

    The key differences are the viewing angles and contrast ratio being superior on OLED as it has true blacks, viewing angles won’t matter if you plan to always view the TV near the centre anyway.

    What I meant by black levels is while QLED does have really good black levels and contrast, it still has to be backlit, though it does have local dimming which will help, it still won’t 100% match OLED. Saying that, you’d probably only notice the difference when viewing the 2 sets side by side. It’s also worth noting that QLED can reach a higher peak brightness if that’s something that matters to you also.

    OLED on the other hand, the pixels don’t need a backlight and are self lit, meaning that when any part of the screen is black, it’s literally pure black, even in a dark room. There should be no glowing effect around bright objects on a dark background or anything like that.

    In short:

    OLED: Better contrast, viewing angles and true black levels
    QLED: Higher peak brightness and no risk of burn in

    I would personally call OLED superior, but it’s your call.

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