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    Could the Nintendo 64 De-blur be implemented on the OSSC? Its described here

    The blur is not just anti-aliasing. It’s a horizontal 50% blur. The N64 outputs a 640 pixel wide image, even if the backbuffer is 320 pixels wide, and it doubles the backbuffer’s width to fill the line. The appearance is an “off by half pixel” blur done horizontally. Correcting it produces a sharp 320px wide image. The scene’s rendering and use of AA shouldn’t affect it.

    Because the blur is exactly 50% “between pixels”, that means every other column is a 100% intact part of the original 320px image. So, if we simply drop the blurred columns (odd columns) and re-use the good columns (even columns) we have a restored 320 pixel image. Naturally there is zero lag in this technique.



    Possible.. I think so.. easy to implement? Maybe not so much!



    It’s possible, but not easy indeed. You’d need to set perfectly matching horizontal sampling rate and active area (774 and 640 in case of N64) which will be possible when advanced timing feature gets added on the firmware. In addition, there needs to be logic to duplicate every other pixel, which might be added as a special feature. Perhaps needless to say, such mode won’t be compatible with all TV sets.




    if approved, can it be added to the Other feature requests on wiki page ?




    Sure, I can add it next time I’ll edit the wikipage.



    I have great results with 320×240 optimized, H.samplerate = 386, H.synclen = 22, H.backporch = 36, sampling phase around 90 degrees. Sometimes you have to fiddle with sampling phase and/or samplerate when the videomode changes. Just increase or decrease by 1 and set it back to what it should be.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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