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    Since i was able to solve my sync issues and with my OSSC working by now, i just have one other tiny problem… namely this noise/glitches in line 5x output mode:

    It’s only visible in 5x mode. All other modes are fine though. I could’ve sworn this wasn’t there, when my OSSC was briefly working between it’s sync issues… but i’m not sure. And since i’ve replaced the TVP7002 and the FPGA in my attempt to fix the sync problems, i’m a bit afraid one of these 2 replacement ICs could be broken.

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    It could be that you need a better HDMI cable. Does it go away when you lower H.samplerate? The wiki also mentions setting “Allow TVP HPLL2x” to off might help with LineX5 stability.



    I don’t know why – but it seems like i only have this problem, while using the modified ossc_0.77-aud-wextmclk firmware from ‘borti4938’ for feeding the MCLK directly into the IT6613E. With this firmware the 256×240/320×240 optimized modes wont work either (there’s just a black screen with an occasional flash of the video signal).

    But the ossc_0.77-aud works fine though:

    The optimized modes are working too. There’s just some jitter… but (like it’s written in the wiki) adjusting the sampling phase fixes it.



    ‘Borti4938’ updated his firmware:

    Seems like it was some compiler incompatibility… of some sort… or… kind of – i have no idea. But luckily he has – and he fixed the problem. So: kudos to him!

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