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    In case anyone wonders how the OSSC handles a retro PC with VGA only output…
    I’m in tears of joy, god bless you marqs.

    It does 640×400 (native DOS and 99.999% games) and 640×480 marvelously!!!
    640×400 runs in 384p Line2x mode but I adjusted V.Active to 480 so my screen shows it in 4:3 (1280×864),,,
    In 384p (640×400) Line2x mode the result is super sharp and smooth 70Hz, just like a quality PC CRT from back then would but on a modern LCD with HDMI.
    Yes, the screen has VGA input but the OSSC looks MUCH sharper in Line2x mode, as it would on a CRT.

    Did I say the OSSC is great already? 🙂

    Pentium 233 mmx
    doom full
    doom cu
    war2 full
    war2 cu



    Nice, I was meaning to test this more thoroughly. My TV won’t do the 70hz modes sadly (that’s to be expected).



    Although, it would be ideal to have 640×400 and 720×400 70Hz (449p) modes for PC RGBHV, because 384p is somewhat dodgy and requires extensive advanced timing tweaks, I don’t think it was meant for PC input anyway.

    Marqs you there?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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