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    Hey OSSC Users and builders and creators.

    I have been using this marvelous device for over a year + now. After getting it all etup and running into unideal situations (Cant run the OSSC thru my Onkyo device ) now direct to TV that allows external Audio for HDMI.

    I was playing a multitude of games this weekend on the sNES with a nice SCART cable (that has the capacitors in the cable) All the games worked great with the exception of a condition in Uniracers :

    Uniracers : a racing / stunt game with sentient unicycles.

    Issue: at the start of every race there is a flag that counts down and as soon as the Race starts , it drops the signal for a second showing a few broken frames of the game. after 1 sec it resolves to play . can anyone reproduce this?



    Anyome else have a OSSC and uniracers ?

    Im using a SCART cable , RGB



    Unable to reproduce the issue here. PAL or NTSC version and what kind of SNES?



    I’m able to run NTSC-U Uniracers on my Super Famicom without any problems, using OSSC 1.6 (so 0.78-aud firmware) on default settings, and a Nintendo RGB cable (rewired from JP-21 to Scart).

    It was called Unirally in Europe, so I can only assume the NTSC version was being used here. I don’t think it was released in Japan.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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