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    I’ve been using the OSSC I ordered from here for the past month, and it’s awesome.
    However, when I went to turn it on today, nothing lit up. No LEDs, no LCD. In addition, there was no picture detected by my TV.
    Sound still works, but from what I understand it’s just a passthrough.

    I tested the power adapter in another device, and it worked just fine, so I know that’s not the issue.

    Any ideas?



    Marqs answered a similar question on shmupsforum recently. Quoted below.

    If you take off bottom plexi and look under the leds, there’s fuse F1 and TVS diode D5 that might have got damaged due to inproper PSU/polarity. With PSU detached, you could check these components with a continuity function of a multimeter (across fuse there should be continuity, across TVS not).



    If you’re not able to do that, get in touch via e-mail and we’ll sort out an RMA.



    Thanks Harrumph, I’ll test with a multimeter when I get a chance in a few days. It is odd though, the PSU is definitely correct.

    Thanks Bucko, I’ll let you know what happens.



    I was finally able to check with a multimeter; there is no continuity across either the F1 fuse or the D5 diode.



    Nice, should simply be a matter of replacing the fuse then. You can find the parts number here:

    I’ll let someone else recommend vendor, not so familiar with electronics suppliers myself…



    Hey esp, Harrumph is completely correct; it was me who asked this on the Shmups forum. I had the same exact problem. Replacing the fuse F1 fixed my OSSC; D5 was apparently fine in my case, there is supposed to be NO continuity, so yours is probably also fine.

    I was only able to get a minimum number of 10 fuses, so I have 9 left. Soldering was not particularly difficult. If you are in Germany, I can send you a few replacement fuses, if you are interested. If you are somewhere else then the postage will probably exceed the cost of ordering them yourself. Let me know.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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