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    I just set my RetroTink2x up and connected my Commodore C64 Pal 60 Hz with S-video to the my new HDMI Samsung 24 inch display. One mode is a very good black and white mode with sharp text and good contrasts. Another modes gives a colour image with weird scan lines and horrible contrasts. It really looks awful. Ive tried the smoothing effects and it really doesn’t help. No other modes produce anything useful. Any ideas as to why this doesn’t work?




    The RT2X doesn’t properly support PAL60. If you can, stick to 50Hz modes; otherwise you’ll need to use a different device, like VGP’s upcoming Koryuu, or one of those unbranded composite/S-Video scalers you see on Amazon and eBay.



    Ok. That’s interesting. Is there any way I can get my C64 to produce a 50 Hz signal? I have never heard that it was possible to do that.



    Actually, when I think about it. It should be 50 Hz already. This is a standard C64 connected to the Swedish (European) grid. I was wrong in assuming it would be 60 Hz. Sorry.



    Do you have another display like a CRT (without Retrotink) to try, or an alternate method of getting the S-video to HDMI like the converters nmalinoski mentioned?

    Sounds like you might be having a similar issue to what I have with my Sega 32X.

    Basically, the Retrotink can’t handle colour signals over S-video that are too far out of spec. Other equipment such as the cheapo amazon converters grant a lot more leeway and would help in diagnosing the issue (they should work), but of course they are laggy as hell and stretch the image to 16:9, which is obviously why we want to use Retrotink instead. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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