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    Hello, I have a USA PlayStation 2 connected to OSSC 1.6 via SCART cable (Sync on Luma). Everything runs well in terms of audio and video. However, I do not know how to setup 16:9 widescreen with OSSC on my PS2.

    I do have widescreen selected in PS2 configuration settings. In the output options on OSSC, I only see “Generic 16:9” available for line 3. How do I get this working with my SCART cable connection? The games I am running for PS2 support 480p and widescreen, but I do not know how to make these features work using OSSC.

    (I am running on a gaming monitor, not a TV. The monitor is 1440p and made for 16:9.)



    My bad, I think the only reason I am seeing black bars on the side of the game’s visuals is because of my 1440p monitor.



    Seems you worked this out, but just to add.
    Stretching a widescreen 480p or 480pLx2 image is up to the display, not the OSSC (it is anamorphic widescreen which uses non-square pixels). Also, even with widescreen settings, games of that era often do not use the full 720 pixel width (at least not on the Wii, of which I am more familiar with than PS2).
    Finally, the Lx3 mode is only for 240p (and 480i, but that’s more of a novelty), not 480p.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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