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    I accidentally plugged a third-party NES power supply into my OSSC (it’s the same brand as my OSSC PS and I wasn’t careful to check). So the unit got fed 9V AC instead of 5V DC. The fuse obviously blew. Just to test it, I removed the blown fuse and just jumped it, and the unit still wouldn’t come on with the proper power supply plugged in. There is continuity across the diode next to the F1 fuse (which as far as I know there should not be) and there is continuity across all three contacts on the power jack.

    I don’t know enough about electronics to have an intelligent plan of attack. The only other things I could think to try replacing are the diode next to the fuse, and the voltage regulator.

    My issue with sending the unit back for repair is that the US Post Office charges a ridiculous amount of money to ship internationally. Is there anywhere in the US to have it repaired?




    Just to add, the voltage regulator looks a little bit suspicious, but the only thing that obviously blew was the fuse, as it left a mark on the plexiglass when it did. I don’t see any damage anywhere else on the board.



    I’ve been chatting with a couple potential places but don’t have anyone specifically to recommend just yet.



    Thanks for the reply. I think I’m probably just going to suck it up and send the unit back to you for repair.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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