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    Scanlines look thin on linetriple and lineX5 because of their uneven line counts. With an extra adjustable scanline we can make them look thicker.

    Here is an example of linetriple where the scanline is 100% and the extra scanline above is 50%.



    Same thin effect happens with 480p X2.
    Adding extra(s) scanline(s) would be very appreciated. Even more if we could adjust intensity of each one separately as paulb_nl suggested.

    One more vote for that! 🙂



    Now that x4 and x5 modes are available, scanline thickness customization is even more relevant/desirable.

    It would be great to be able to render x4-mode and x5-mode scanlines as only 1-line thick (as opposed to the currently-fixed 2-line thickness).

    I don’t think I care as much about adjusting the intensity/transparency of the scanlines as requested in the above posts, though if that option were added I’d still probably enjoy messing with it 🙂



    Just wanted to bump this request up again. Variable scanline thickness is probably the only significant option missing from an otherwise fully customizable OSSC experience, especially after now after the release of v0.77 and the nice additions it brought.



    I’d agree: I can only use 1x/2x/4x on my display, and 2x/4x both have the same behaviour of blanking out half the lines, which is much too thick for me to use. Adjustable scanline thickness would allow for thinner/smoother scanlines without presumably using any extra processing power (since it really just means applying a fixed pattern of scanline brightness instead of the current 0%/0%/100%/100%).

    For example, I would think that a scanline pattern on 4x that looks something like this would be more pleasing to me:




    Definitely jumping on this train. I would love to be able to have my scanlines fixed at 1-line thick so I can make them darker without sacrificing image clarity.



    An advanced scanline setting (in addition to current “Off”, “Auto”, “Manual”) with the ability to independently set intensities of mask lines 1-5 (from 0 to 100%) would fulfill the wishes I suppose. It’s not too much work so the feature could make its way to upcoming fw releases soon.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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