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    Hi there,

    I’m looking into doing the new version of voultar’s RGB board that was just released. It’s going to go in one of my VA3’s or a VA6 I have.

    What I’ve noticed is that there isn’t really a great updated tutorial on this – retrorgb has warnings all over their Sega RGB pages saying to hold off that an update is coming, and the guide on here is good, but doesn’t lift any of the pins on the 315-5313 and some other info that is somewhat conflicting.

    I’m going to start small and basically rig up this RGB amp with the least amount of cutting traces and etc, check for jail bars and go further if needed.

    Assuming that the best way is to completely lift the RGB and CSYNC pins right off the 315-5313 (i’ve read that some people still had jailbars until they completely bypassed the traces)

    How would you recommend lifting the pins? I really don’t want to damage any of the nearby pins – do i heat up the end of the pins with a soldering iron then lift them with a pin? Maybe cut the pins off the bottom with an exacto knife? Maybe its safer just to cut the trace in a way that it can be repaired easily?




    Here you go! 4 hours of install haha, around 33 mins in what you want.



    Thanks for the info about the 33 min mark, 4 hours is way to long for lifting pins.

    I think I will just prep the board for now and wait.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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