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    I have a PAL Master System 2 which has a composite mod and a 50/60hz switch on it. Directly to my TV the image looks fine in 50hz or 60hz:
    Without RetroTink

    Via the RetroTink the colours are wrong in 60hz:
    With RetroTink

    Any idea why the RetroTink may be struggling here?

    Also my PAL N64 has the same issue when running an NTSC game via a flash cart (the N64 switches to 60hz at this point). Directly to my TV it works fine at 60hz and shows the colours correctly.


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    This might be a silly question, but how are you connecting your SMS to the RT2X? Mainly what kind of cable and which input? Have you tried pressing the input select button a few times?



    A composite RCA cable. Yes on input 1 (component) and 2 (s-video) it is black and white. On input 3 (composite) it shows like that. Using the same composite cable to my TV looks fine (first image).



    After further testing I’ve updated my original post a little as I noticed the issue affects my PAL N64 too when running in 60hz. Here’s an image of the wrong colours. Again, my TV shows the correct colours when I don’t use the retrotink.

    N64 via retrotink



    Yep same here.
    I have mod chipped PAL PS1 and PS2, both output PAL60/NTSC4.43 when playing NTSC games.
    Apparently the RT2x can’t handle PAL color subcarrier with 60Hz signal.

    The specification sheet of the ADV7280 device clearly states that it DOES support PAL60/NTSC4.43, so I don’t know why it doesn’t work with the RT2x.
    I would assume PAL60/NTSC4.43 were disabled by Mike intentionally.
    There is no easy way to update the firmware of the RT2x, so maybe he will fix that in the next revision along with other flaws mentioned in other threads.



    To be fair the PAL N64 is way off spec when running NTSC software. Also Jsteel did you say that your SMS was bad colours in PAL AND NTSC?

    I would assume PAL60/NTSC4.43 were disabled by Mike intentionally.

    There has been no intentional disabling of this, just less testing done on PAL systems I would suspect.



    I did originally think the SMS was also bad in 50hz as I flicked my switch between the two and saw the same colours but after testing again, no 50hz seems fine; I’m not sure what happened the first time.



    My region modded PAL SNES has the same issue. I put in a Super Famicom game and set the system to 60hz and the colours are bad. I suspect my PAL Mega Drive with a 50/60hz switch would have the same issue but I only have a scart cable for that so I cannot test it via the retrotink. Not handling PAL 60 is a bit of an oversight I think, or am I in the minority with many PAL 60 systems? 🙂

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