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    I can see some ghosting on my TV while using SNES. For example, if Mario jumps and background is white, I can see a ghost Mario at right. The lives counter causes a shadow that goes all way down, etc.

    Testing the same Snes with Framemeister causes no ghosting.

    Snes: PAL one chip, with SuperCIC mod. Playing a PAL game in 50 Hz.
    OSSC: connected to Scart input, selected input 1. Default settings, 576p output.
    Cable: rgb luma sync from retrogamingcables.
    Framemeister: picture mode, tested in 1080p and 576p 50 hz. Euro Scart adapter with csync circuit.
    Tv : Sony kdl42w750b. Tested on the same hdmi input, all processing disabled.



    It would probably help if you posted a picture. It could be the rgb cable thats causing it. Do you have issues with other consoles?



    The problem with the pictures I’ve taken is that the effect is hard to notice, but I will post them later.

    I used the same cable to test with the Framemeister. Previously I was using the old SNES PAL RGB cable that retrogamingcables provided that had not luma sync, and I had image noise also only with OSSC. I guess that the Framemeister is somewhat filtering all those image issues.

    I have also a SNES RGB NTSC with csync cable from retrogamingcables that I may test in some days.



    Its probably the sync stripper inside the Framemeisters scart adapter thats filtering the issues. Did you also see the shadowing with the rgb cable without luma sync?



    It’d help if you can try another console on the same input to isolate the issue to snes, cable or ossc. Framemeister probably has a bit stronger LPF than OSSC in sdtv mode, but you shouldn’t see noise/ghosting with a quality cable and well-conditioned console (e.g. no leaky caps).



    Actually ghosting is supposedly quite common on the 1-chip RGB modded consoles. I’ve been looking at ways to eliminate or minimise it with modding.



    I’m not sure if you will be able to see the “shadow Mario” at right in the first image since it’s hard to notice in the picture I took. But while playing it is very distracting 🙂


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    ghosting is supposedly quite common on the 1-chip RGB modded consoles

    This one is not RGB modded since it’s a PAL one chip (not Mini, I can’t tell which board version right now).

    I’m waiting to receive my SNES mini with the NTSC cable from the mail so then I will be able to check with that console and cable too. Next week I will also check the old RGB cable without luma sync.

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    Your problem is the 1Chip-SNES and not the OSSC! You will observe the same problem with your SNES Mini…

    Just a guess.. it might be not noticeable at the Framemeister because the Framemeister saturates the input signal at standardized Upp levels… If this is the case the problem is not noticeable… just a guess…



    Ok thank you, I’ve also tested that Snes with a BVM and I can see the ghosting.

    So by the post you linked in shmups forums I guess the only way to fix any of my SNES (pal one chip or mini) for the OSSC or the BVM is a nearly impossible mod… Is anybody making that 1-resistor mod?

    I will keep using the Framemeister since the ghosting is not noticeable with it.

    And I thought that it could be easy to find a good SNES…

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