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    My OSSC has been working great for the most part, but I have an odd issue with the SNES and my monitor.

    At Line2x, the SNES works perfectly on the OSSC with the Dell U2415 monitor. However, at any setting above Line2x, the picture occasionally blacks out on the monitor for about two seconds, as if it was losing sync. However, the red light never turns on on the OSSC, and the video information doesn’t change either.

    This issue occurs at very irregular intervals. Sometimes I can play at Line5x for hours without experiencing any blackouts; other times the blackouts happen every few seconds. And these blackouts aren’t correlated to any changes in brightness/etc on screen: they occur on the SD2SNES menu, for instance.

    I have 4 NTSC SNES consoles, two 1CHIP and two normal, along with 3 scart cables and 2 DVI to HDMI cables. This issue occurs no matter what combination of console/cable I use. It’s particularly odd because this monitor handles everything else perfectly; in particular my NES works just fine at the same settings.

    I’m using firmware 0.78, but this also occurred on 0.77 and 0.76. I have tried changing all the settings I could think of to fix it; no luck so far. The OSSC is directly connected to the monitor, and the SNES is directly connected to the OSSC.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Has anyone else experienced this issue with the U2415?




    The SNES is particularly troublesome unfortunately and has the most compatibility issues of any console.



    I thought the SNES issues were only on TVs, due to nonstandard video settings. Have there been reported issues with computer monitors as well?



    There’s no reason why such things couldn’t affect monitors too.



    This sounds like the exact same issue I’ve been having with the NES above 3x.

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