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    Hello, I open this topic for people to easily report compatibility or issues when connecting the OSSC directly to a consumer flat screen television (i.e. not monitors/PVMs or via scalers etc). Hopefully this will increase the speed at which info is gathered on TV brands/models which are suitable, without Marqs & Bucko constantly having to monitor things to update the official compatibility google sheet .

    Please include complete TV model info, whether linetriple works, and if possible if SNES works which model/hardware revision.
    (Actually, no need to include SNES model revision, after seeing some explanations from Marqs that incompatibility issues with SNES is due to how the console outputs uneven length (longer/shorter) scanlines, irrespective of internal hardware. Still, I would encourage to report SNES especially, since it is known to be problematic.)

    Of course, feel free to report more details if you’d like (like tested consoles, additional modes and settings tweaks), but in this post I will only summarize the above essentials.

    Thanks to all contributors!

    Note: linedouble is expected to work on all TVs, and so far only one reported problem (myself with SNES 60Hz).
    N/R – not reported

    Models reported

    LG 55EF950V (4k, OLED) | Lx3: Y | SNES: N/R | details, You tube Also 480p x2, Via Das Muel’s review on youtube

    Panasonic TX-L37S20BA | Lx3: N | SNES: N/R| details
    Panasonic TC-P50S60 | Lx3: N | SNES: Y | details
    Panasonic TC-32LX60 | Lx3: N | SNES: Y | details 720p set, poor scaling
    Panasonic TX-32LXD70 | Lx3: N | SNES: Y | details
    Panasonic TCP 42 S1 | Lx3: N | SNES: Y | details
    Panasonic TC-P50G20 | Lx3: N | SNES: Y | details

    Philips 32PFL6606H | Lx3: Y | SNES: Y* | details *and here

    Samsung UE32H6200 | Lx3: Y | SNES: N/R | details
    Samsung UE32J6300 | Lx3: Y | SNES: Y | details

    Sony KDL42W705B | Lx3: N | SNES: Y | details
    Sony KDL40EX655 | Lx3: N | SNES: Y | details
    Sony KDL-55W829B | Lx3: N | SNES: Y | details
    Sony KDL-40BX400 | Lx3: Y | SNES: N/R| details
    Sony XBR-65x80c (4k) | Lx3: Y | SNES: Y | details Via

    Vizio P502ui-B1 (4k) | Lx3: Y | SNES: Y | details
    Vizio P702ui-B3 (4k) | Lx3: Y | SNES: Y | details
    Vizio D40u-D1 (4k) | Lx3: Y | SNES: Y | Via Bahn Yuki on youtube

    See also the official compatibily chart for even more, including monitors.

    Provisional verdict:
    Samsung, LG & Vizio seem like pretty safe bets for Lx3 compatibility. Among Sonys newer models, only the XBR range work with Lx3. Panasonic generally do not seem to do Lx3. As far as SNES goes, noone has reported that it doesn’t work at all, unlike earlier tests by Bucko and others. This could be due to reporter bias, however.

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    Excellent idea, thank you.



    Sony Bravia KDL-42W705B

    SNES PAL RGB cable from Retrogamingcables (maybe sync on Luma but I’m not sure. It was bought some years ago and it was not specified).
    It works OK with default configuration.
    Image is a bit dark and it shows some noise (diagonal bars).
    Image is lighter with Framemeister but it still shows noise.

    SNES Mini. Modded with SUperCIC and RGB
    RGB cable that came with the console (I don’t know how it is wired).
    It works with default configuration (50 or 60 Hz) but sync is temporarily lost in some points of the tested game (DKC). When losing sync, OSSC LED goes red for a moment, the image is lost and after a moment, LED goes green and image is back.
    To avoid losing sync, I have to set Analog sync LPF to 2.5 MHz.
    Image is bright and it shows some noise (less than in PAL console). In 60 Hz mode noise is a bit less noticeable.
    Noise is gone with Framemeister (SCART to mini-DIN with sync cleaner is used).

    Linetriple mode does not work in any of the SNES models. TV shows a “non compatible mode” warning.

    Noise is not related to OSSC since it is also shown if I connect the consoles to the RGB input of the TV.



    Console used: 3-Chip Super Famicom (APU-01) with sync-on-composite cable

    Sony Bravia KDL40EX655
    480p – works
    720p – black screen (“Unsupported Signal. Check your device output.”)

    ASUS VG248QE
    480p – works
    720p – works

    Micomsoft SC-500N1
    480p – works
    720p – works (picture is slightly shifted to the right with a vertical line on the left)

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    Console used: SNES Model SNS-001 via RGB Scart from ebay store retro_console_accessories

    Vizio 50″ P502ui-B1 |Lx2:Y|Lx3:Y|SNES:Y
    Vizio 70″ P702ui-B3 |Lx2:Y|Lx3:Y|SNES:Y

    I’m getting a 2016 75″ P series TV next Wednesday where I’ll do testing on that. I choose the Vizio TVs due to excellent input delay and phenomenal picture. Here’s a video link of me playing Sega Saturn on the 50″ TV.

    Saturn in Triple line on Vizio UHDTV



    The model I use for retrogames is UE32H6200 and it’s compatible with both ossc’s modes 240p x3 and 480p x2



    CONSOLE: Natively PAL Sega Saturn, switchlessly region and Hz modded; running games from SD card via Rhea board.

    TV: Panasonic Viera, LCD TX-L37S20BA, non LED backlight, 1080 native resolution.

    MODE: Line Double to 480p – works nicely. Game mode on this TV only allows 16:9 aspect ratio. There is ++ dot crawl with sharpness >0.
    MODE: Line Triple to 720p – black screen.



    That’s unfortunate, many Panasonic sets do support line triple and that fixes the aspect ratio thing. Thanks everyone for reporting your findings thus far!



    BenQ BL2405HT – Works with LineTripplePAL mode (Source Amiga A1200 and MegaDriveII )

    Havent tested 480LineDouble yet as I need to hook up the PS2 for that

    BenQ LineTriple - Turrican II

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    Nice, Turrican 2 if I’m not mistaken? 🙂



    Yup 🙂

    One of my fav games of all time, never get tired of the music soundtrack either

    Cant wait for the orchestral album they’re doing on kickstarter 🙂



    Panasonic tc-p50s60

    x2 480p works almost perfectly for the consoles I’ve tested so far, all perfect but Famicom
    x3 720p does not work with any source
    x2 480p does not work for Dreamcast, 480p pass-through is perfect (only tested dreamcast for 480p)

    Consoles tested:
    Twin Famicom (Odd Horizontal sync issue or something, look at my NESRGB Twin Famicom thread – not sure if something is up with console)

    SNES (early model with native RGB)
    PC Engine DUO-R

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    Panasonic TC-32LX60

    x2 works
    x3 does not work
    x2 480p does not work

    Same consoles tested as above. SNES with native RGB works. Poor scaling to 720p, scanlines look terrible.

    Not a TV, but my Emachines E211H LCD supports all modes, SNES x3 looks great!

    The horizontal sync issue with my NESRGB has been present on all displays.

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    Panasonic TX-32LXD70
    x2 works
    x3 doesn’t work
    SNES works

    Sony KDL-55W829B
    x2 works
    x3 doesn’t work
    SNES works

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