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    Hi! Ive ordered an OSSC v1.6 and need a gaming monitor. I have done a lot of research but still undecided. evilways made a post saying that AOC I2757FM is a perfect option and also is compatible with line x5 which is a must for me (i mean compatibility with Lx3 and above. Also said that this monitor is a best option that the ASUS VG248QE. I have a few questions..i hope someone can help me…

    AOC I2757FM: Can I put this monitor in vertical to play shmups? Maybe with sone vesa some adaptor?
    ASUS VG248QE: Is it compatible with lx4 and lx5?. Cant find this information. Has it any flaws with ossc?

    Someone knows another monitor fully compatible whith ossc like this two?

    I will apreciatte a lot some help.



    The Asus one is apparently TN panel so it has really bad viewing angle for TATE. The AOC is IPS so should be fine. I remember there was some discussion on mounting for TATE at shmups forum, maybe you can search there.



    Just a quick update on the Samsung KS7000 55″, Linex5 mode seems to be working great now after tweaking a couple of basic settings on the OSSC (thanks to those who offered advice and settings etc). Just played the first 2 levels of Comix Zone on the Mega Drive. Damn this thing looks amazing with scanlines in Lx5. It only briefly lost sync once or twice, and that was probably because I was using the in-game menu on the Mega Everdrive X7. PS1 & SNES also seem to work great.

    I’m tempted to order an OSSC v1.6 to avail of the component audio in….probably not worth upgrading for that alone though!



    OK so another update for the Samsung KS8000 line of TVs now that I have been in my new place for awhile and have been able to play longer. Compatibility is still the same, as in being able to see the picture correctly, but the TV firmware is weird with the OSSC.

    Line double mode all is good

    Line triple mode results in occasional “pixel shifting”, I’m not sure what the correct term is. What happens is that every minute or two what looks like a horizontal line goes from the bottom to the top of the screen and the pixles all seem to shift left a little as the line passes them. That said, the exact same thing happens on my XRGB mini at 720p output, so my assumption is that this is some kind of weird artifact of 720p video on the 4K display

    Line quadruple results in some odd aspect ratios (TV changes it, not me) and more importantly, for whatever reason, the TV disables game mode and grays out the option so you cannot select it. While you can make it look fine, at non-4k the input lag on this TV is around 113ms (vs 21ms in game mode per rtings) so this is kind of pointless. 4x will also cause the TV to label the input “PC” and if you change back to another multiplier you’ll have to open the TV input menu and change the input label back to “game console” to set game mode again

    Line 5x will do game mode, but the given aspect ratio is noticeably wider than 4:3 once the TV is set correctly much like the 4x mode



    @gigatortoise, did you have to change any settings on the OSSC to make line triple work? My KS7000 won’t stabilise at all with it, keeps dropping sync and stuttering. Line X 5 works rock solid though.



    Is the general thinking here that the OSSC looks better on 1080p or 4K displays? I’m looking at getting something not too large (max 43 inches perhaps) and would like x5 to work on it ideally.

    Also, what are people doing regarding rotating for tate mode on some games? Is wall-mounting the best way of dealing with this (via some sort of rotatable mount), or a desk clamp arm stand of some description?



    @coderkind I’m nopt sure about tate mode, but, I do not recommend getting a 4k display under 50 inch (not sure if anyone even makes 4k displays under 55 inch) as well I don’t really suggest on wall mounting unless you have 65+ or bigger, or you have the money to throw on a $200 vesa wall mount. A rotatable mount would cost a lot more than $200 as well… oh and yes the OSSC looks better on 4k displays, imo.



    So I’ve read that the Samsung 4K 6300 series works as long you got the .77 Firmware installed. But I have a KU6290 model, which when I searched for it on, I only found the KU6300 models. Would it be safe to say the KU6290 model is similar and it should work the same with OSSC?



    TCL S405 is an inexpensive, low latency 4K TV that works with x2, x3, x4 and x5, including the SNES, as well as 480i x2 and x4, 288p x2, 576i x2, and 480 x2. It didn’t seem to like 480i or 240p passthrough but worked fine with pretty much everything else. I’ve heard the more expensive TCL P607 works similarly, but I cannot confirm this.

    UPDATE: I was able to get 480i passthrough working by setting TX mode to HDMI. 240p passthrough still displays at the incorrect aspect ratio, though. Also keep in mind that lag increases on this TV for interlace sources, even in game mode.




    Are you happy with the picture from the OSSC on the RL2460? What are the viewing angles like? Does the monitor tilt down much, as I think I might buy one but my sofa isn’t quite eye-level with where the monitor would be.



    Thanks @d2girls. Not sure if I’ve the space for a 4K set; it’s a shame they don’t do them in smaller sizes.



    I just Test a few TV, I have a interesting result considering we have a G20 result that don’t match at all the older G15 TV ….

    TH-50PX80U (720p) 240 | Lx3: Y | | Lx4: N | | Lx5: N | PassThrouth: Y | SNES: Y | 480I | Lx2: Y | Lx3: N* | | Lx4: N | | PassThrought: Y |

    480P: PassTrought is woking but no 2x
    240P: Passtrought is working but there a lot of bleeding of the colors. 3X mode work best but scanline effect are reduce maybe beause of the resulution.
    480I is better controle in passtrought by miles away with this TV.

    TC-L32X30 (720p) 240 | Lx3: N | | Lx4: N | | Lx5: N | PassThrouth: Y | SNES: Y | 480I | Lx2: Y | Lx3: N | | Lx4: N | | PassThrought: Y |

    TC-P42S1 240 | Lx3: N | | Lx4: N | | Lx5: N | PassThrouth: Y | SNES: Y | 480I | Lx2: Y | Lx3: N | | Lx4: N | | PassThrought: Y

    TC-P50S2 240 | Lx3: N | | Lx4: N | | Lx5: N | PassThrouth: Y | SNES: Y | 480I | Lx2: Y | Lx3: N | | Lx4: N | | PassThrought: Y

    TC-P50G15 240 | Lx3: Y | | Lx4: N | | Lx5: N | PassThrouth: Y | SNES: N* | 480I | Lx2: Y | Lx3: N | | Lx4: N | | PassThrought: Y

    Considering the G15 Series is the Same years of the S1 and Older that the G20. It as bit odd to me that it actually work with the 3x while the G20 dosen’t work at all.

    Also the SNES work but the sync is really not stable making the image shake every few second. It dosen’t do that in passtrought mode. Any sujestion will to try to fix this issue will be nice.
    NEO GEO is Working in 3x mode too but the image is not that much center meaning that the bottom is a bit cut. Seeing Credit cut in half is a bit distrating and not pleasant to see.

    SONY KDL-50XE654 240 | Lx3: Y | | Lx4: Y | | Lx5: Y | PassThrouth: Y | SNES: Y | 480I | Lx2: Y | Lx3: N | | Lx4: Y | | PassThrought: Y *
    Dreamcast was not working on this TV.
    480I image quality was quite poor what ever the mode chosen(even Passtrought). It was quite soft.
    5x for 240p Seem to be a bad choice with this TV ; reason si simple the image is not center so you lose a good 10% of the bottom image if not more. The panel was broken so it is it was difficult to analyse the image but it did look sharp for the 240p mode.

    LG ISP235(Comptuter Monitor) 240 | Lx3: Y | | Lx4: Y | | Lx5: N | PassThrouth: N | SNES: Y | 480I | Lx2: Y | Lx3: N | | Lx4: Y | | PassThrought: N *
    Working with the DVI input. 240P result where better in 3x mode since it did a NICE 4:3 image directly.
    480I: Was better than Sony KDL-50XE654 but still soft the Result were better in Lx4
    Dreamcast was working on this TV and 2x Mode Was Working.

    If you can find that monitor that good choice and it still have decent performance by today standard.

    Dreamcast was not working on this TV.

    Fluid 8023384(The Source) TV 40 inch 240 | Lx3: Y | | Lx4: Y | | Lx5: N | PassThrouth: Y | SNES: Y | 480I | Lx2: Y | Lx3: N | | Lx4: Y | | PassThrought: Y *
    Really bad processing, See mosaic parther on solid black. Color awfull… 240P result where better in 3x mode since it did a NICE 4:3 image directly. PASSTROUGHT is really Awfull on 240P.

    480I: BAD BAD BAD AND BAD. The Lx2 bob is ultra blurry, like Ultra…. The 4x is still blurry but we see the starway effet of lower resolution. THe passetrought look really similar

    480P Is working in passtrouhg and X2 mode. THe 2x mode is too much sharpen for this TV the passtrought is a bit soft but the result a good enought. Dreamcast were rejet from this TV. Might work in VGA with the TV…

    If you thinking of buying a OSSC, I sujest that you upgrade you TV because this one is bad!!!!

    Samsung U19E4000 TV 19 inch 240 | Lx3: Y | | Lx4: Y | | Lx5: N | PassThrouth: N | SNES: Y | 480I | Lx2: Y | Lx3: N | | Lx4: N | | PassThrought: Y
    For of all 480p is strange with this TV, It get Dreacast signal and the X2 mode work on it but the signal sync drop every 2 second.
    The signal of the other console did not work in 480p x2.

    In 240 3x is the best result this TV can achived. The X4 mode bad not that great. The Tv seem in can not handle 240p.

    480I: Pretty equal with OSSC 2x and the passtrought. Really good transtion of 480i…. Kind of impress for a “shitty” tv like this one. A comptuter monitor will still do a better job in general.

    General note : All the Panasonic TV seem to manage 480I better than OSSC with the Older model doing the best job in Passtrouth.
    I event suprise that the 720p TV from 2008 can do the 3X in 240p compare to the S model (1 and 2) From 2009 and 2010.

    The fact the snes image jump on the G15 is a big mystery I will like to understand why and how I could fix that (The best TV in the bunch).

    19 inch TV are scrapt, Take a computer monitor instead.



    Okay, as promised, I’ve just finished updating my report on the Vizio M70-C3 ( to reflect the latest firmware. Sorry for the delay in getting this up, but I’ve been dealing with some extremely painful family circumstances in the meantime.



    I got my LG oled55b6p 🙂 can’t wait to test the ossc out on it… still waiting for mine 🙁
    in the mean time I’m going to try the xrgb mini on it, I will let you guys know how it looks tonight ^^;



    @eric90000 Hey I am also Ireland (Dublin) based, can I ask you where you found your Samsung KS7000? We’re trying to find this particular set also, as it comes highly recommended and supposedly the newer model from this year stripped out a lot of the better features.

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