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    Hey, I’m in Dublin too! Haven’t really come across anyone else from Ireland in this sort of scene. I ended up snagging a 55″ KS7000 from Soundstore in Waterford. Turns out it was the last new one they had, still in box etc. Got it for €1149. I’d recommend making a list of a load of store numbers across Ireland and just ringing them one by one asking them. A lot of the websites don’t show accurate stock etc.



    @eric90000 Good plan – Arnott’s website lists that they have it but I doubt it! Thanks!

    I’m @jendatweets on Twitter if you want to compare notes or shoot the breeze once I get mine in!



    Recently bought a BenQ RL2460 and it works well with x2, x3, x4 and x5 from the OSSC (except with interlace signals… I still haven’t figured out the best way to deal with these, but the signal seems to cut out and/or default back to x2).



    Thanks for your reports.
    About the vertical height problems you had, try increasing V.Backporch. If your displays have any tolerance for this, you can easily shift the image upwards by 3-4 lines, if not more.
    Also, I tried to google the Sony KDL-50XE654 but got no results. Is there a typo in the model number?

    Thanks for the detailed update!



    I purchased the LG OLED55B6P based on the report from Bahn Yuki that it works well with the OSSC. I didn’t see him testing out the SNES with it, anyone confirm it plays nicely with the OSSC? Everything i’ve thrown at it works fine with the xrgb mini, not sure if everything will work flawlessly with the OSSC tho. Will be nice to deal with 28ms of input lag, instead of 44ms that I’m getting with the framemeister.



    Based on other reports for similar LG OLED models, I would be confident it works. Also BahnYuki has tested snes with a lot of other TV’s so I’m sure he would have mentioned if the snes didn’t work on that OLED.



    Quote from eric90000:

    “Update on my LG 47LD450-ZA (I’ll test my Samsung & Sony TV’s soon)

    Lx2 YES| Lx3 YES | Lx4 YES | Lx5 YES (all 3 resolution modes) | SNES YES

    tested with a 60hz modded SNES, a 60hz modded Mega Drive and an NTSC PS1.”


    I’m able to buy an LG 42LD460 (Australian) which looks practically the same as your 47LD450

    Do you experience any lag on this LCD TV, not due to the OSSC but with any signal processing from the TV itself?

    Thanks in advance



    Hey, from what I can remember there was no noticeable lag on this TV when I was using it with the OSSC (It’s still in my living room but I’m now using a Samsung KS7000 for my gaming TV). I always thought the picture looked great with the OSSC, it even works on every single mode I throw at it, no dropouts or anything. This is a pretty old TV at this stage, about 7-8 years old? So I hope that if you’re buying it you’re getting it for pretty cheap.

    I have to say though, I really like the TV, even today it performs great and in Linex5 mode with scanlines, displays PS1, SNES and MegaDrive beautifully.

    Hope this helped!



    Thanks for the reply!

    Yep, I’m looking at a 42″ version for $200, it must be the same TV in 42″ for the Australian market. 47LD450>42LD460 looks pretty close to me

    I was looking for a TV someone could confirm all LineX modes work plus SNES via LUMA sync cable which you’ve pretty much done 🙂

    SNES works on every setting also?




    Have you been able to test any later OSSC firmwares on your tv – UA55D6000SMXXY? Have you tested 4 or 5x line modes? SNES at all?




    @jonlad Yeah if I remember right even the SNES worked on every mode with that LG TV. I currently don’t have my OSSC set up on that TV so I can’t easily test again but from what I remember, every single output mode on the OSSC worked with all of my consoles. It even handles all three 1080p modes.



    @eric90000 – wow thats awesome, sounds like the TV I’ve been looking for lol

    I’ve been scouring the net for info on variations on model numbers between countries 47LD450 – 42LD460 – pretty similar right?

    EDIT – I’ve found another which is 42LK450 – LK and LD are pretty much the same TV

    eric90000 – can you remember if your LD450 was the IPS panel model?



    LG OLED 65C7
    Ok guys sorry I haven’t posted here in a long time but have a few updates on TVs. First off I now have a LG OLED 65C7 which works flawlessly with the OSSC seen here:Genesis and: N64DD

    The only thing that is bizarre is that 480p LineX2 does work for Sega Dreamcast shown here:Dreamcast What’s strange is that I try the Line2X mode with the Xbox and it just doesn’t display a signal. Anyway the LG OLED65C7 is compatible with pretty much everything. It’s also arguably the best TV on the market, it better be for $3000.



    TCL 55P605

    Here’s the best bang for the “buck” TV. The TCL 55P605 can be had for $599 and is completely compatible with the OSSC as shown here:Saturn



    TCL 43S405

    After how wonderful the 55″ P series was I decided to see if the smaller sibling was as compatible with the OSSC. Thankfully it is as shown in this playlist I was able to pick this TV up from Target for $313. I think the P series is a better TV over all(72 FALD zones, Dolby Vision) but for an inexpensive TV for the retro gaming, this one is a steal.

    I find it ironic that this TV can handle 480p x2 from the Xbox while my OLED which is ten times more expensive cannot. Oh well…

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