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    @jonlad No, it’s my brother’s TV and haven’t been out to test for a while. I’ll update if I do but it probs won’t be for a month at least.



    Results on Panasonic EZ950 (4k oled) that I’ve been using for a while:

    240pX3: Yes, if mode is tweaked to look like 1366×768 which is one of the few supported PC modes. For 960×240 (L3 generic 4:3), parameters are H.samplerate=1317, H.synclen=54, H.backporch=156, 1026, V.synclen=3, V.backporch=2,
    240pX4/X5: No
    NES/SNES 240p: Works only on Line3x generic modes (also see above note), and TVP HPLL2x option must be enabled.

    Line count tolerance seems to be higher than on the Panasonic plasmas that I’ve used before, so Neo-Geo / PAL PSX should not cause issues although I’ve not tried myself. 240p< ->480i switching is very fast. The only major downside with the TV is that in game mode aspect is forced to 16:9, so there’s no good way to display non-widescreen 480i/480p games without stretching.



    Anyone tried LG’s SJ850V (SJ8500 in the US)? There’s a 55inch and 65inch version, it’s relatively inexpensive and has 15ms input lag in game (or PC) mode…



    I have acquired an gift card and I’ve decided to buy a TV with it. I’ve been reading through this thread but I’m still undecided. I have room for a 43″ TV and I mainly play on my SNES (PAL 1CHIP model with the SuperCIC mod) and my GameCube (PAL, not modded… yet).

    Is there a TV out there which will be considered my best choice? I’ve heard good things about LG and Samsung screens on here. I’m far from an expert when it comes to this so I hope you guys can help me out.




    Tcl 43s405 is the best bang for buck at that size



    Not if you’re in (most parts of) Europe… 🙁
    LG would be a good bet, if it weren’t for the RGBW panel thing so one really needs to check the different models for that (if you don’t care, probably good to go). Also one guy reported annoying auto-contrast function which, together with other things, led him to return it.
    Otherwise I’d say the Samsung KU6xxx series, although not confirmed for the 43″ model, and some minor problems with SNES reported for the related 7xxx/8xxx series.

    One “dark horse” to consider is Hisense, not many models reported, but they seem to be quite OSSC friendly (and I can’t vouch for their quality). If you were able to test one out, that would be cool.

    TL;DR – still not really possible to say, and new 40-43″ screens are much less reported than 55-65″ models.

    Edit: I see now that TCL TVs are actually sold in Sweden, dunno bout UK though.



    Thanks for the replies, I’ll go through the mentioned TVs in the upcoming days. I’ll also test the OSSC (once it arrives) on all the TVs in my office and report back.



    @harrumph – Can I ask what you’re referring to here?

    “LG would be a good bet, if it weren’t for the RGBW panel thing so one really needs to check the different models for that (if you don’t care, probably good to go)”



    I remember harrumph mentioning RGBW over here.



    Ah thanks.

    Only 4k LG, don’t need to worry about that then ?




    I’ve seen people have been getting line 3x and higher working on their Samsung tvs:can anyone help me by sharing what exact settings they are using please? I have a Samsung ks7000 and I can’t seem to get anything working other than line 2x mode.

    I’m using the ossc 1.6 with a Pal ps1 and pal Gamecube for testing.




    Hey @kingprawnsct, yeah I’m using a KS7000 and have every mode working perfectly! I’m just in work now so I can’t post properly, but there’s a few settings I had to change. I’ll post em up here later today!



    @kingprawnsct, so I had to set “Allow TVP HPLL2x” to OFF, and “H-PLL Pre-Coast” AND “H-PLL Post-Coast” to 3 on the OSSC.

    Line x3, x4, x5 all work on this TV. Although, I am using either NTSC consoles, or PAL consoles modded for 60hz. What cables are you using with the PS1? (no experience with Gamecube sorry).



    Received my 1.6 – works great with my Samsung UE39F5300AK, handles pretty much everything I throw at it.

    Mega Drive (60hz modded), Super Famicom, RGB Modded NTSC N64, PS1 (60hz modded) – All work with 2X, 3X, 4X and 5X. The OSSC’s almost non-existent input lag combined with my Samsung’s game mode make everything an absolute dream to play.

    My Dreamcast also works in in Line2x mode via VGA – looks amazing. HOWEVER. When in this mode, my Samsung’s Game Mode is automatically switched off an becomes unavailable. The input shows as ‘1280×960 @ 60hz’ on my TV. I’m guessing this is because this is a non-standard HD signal that causes it to switch off? Anyone experienced similar, or know of any tweaks, either on my TV or on the OSSC than I make to get this enabled again?



    Thanks for the help Eric. I’ve managed to get line 3x working now: 3x seems to give a more accurate image but 2x is more colourful. I’m using a standard Pal Ps1 with a retrogamingcable Scart.

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