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    Samsungs seem to usually have no problems with anything, I’m buying a 50MU6120 during the week so I’ll report how I get on with that after I get it.



    With cyborc’s report on the 55″ TCL. I can confirm the same is true for the larger 2018 65″ 6 series TCL as well. The 65r615



    My new 50″ 4k Samsung UE50MU6120KXXU works much better than the EX700 did.

    Passthrough, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x all work for 60Hz 240p. SNES works on all modes too at 60Hz.
    50Hz 288p only works at 2x and 5x, but 3x can be achieved using the 720p50Hz settings from the tweaks thread also.

    Note I have seen a dropout for a second on SNES 60Hz 5x but that might just be the RGB cable I’m using as it’s a bit faulty.

    EDIT: Sorry, that SNES dropout was actually at 5x, 50Hz. I got mixed up. No dropouts at 60Hz though I still think the cable is to blame for the 50Hz temporary image loss.



    Following the guidance here and research at independent sources, I took the plunge on a TCL. Model no. 49S405, 49″ Roku TV.

    Target had them for just under $370 out the door…altho I did have to chase my order across 3 stores until finding a store that actually had one.

    Have tested/played/enjoyed Genesis Model 1, SNES (256 opt, 8:7), Dreamcast (960p, alternating scanlines), PS1. Haven’t tested all modes ad nauseum, but the TV is handling line3x-line5x beautifully. I mean seriously…just WOW. I don’t know what the OLED’s look like, I’m sure it’s another level of “oh my!”, but the visual stunnery coupled with effective obsolescence of input lag, and the experience just improved tenfold. It turns out I really am better at some of these games than I was able to be with input lag in play. :p



    For people living in Australia what has been your best luck with tv’s as I am looking at this



    The NU7100 should work and that’s the one I was going to buy, but then I was told elsewhere that the MU6120 or MU6100 is last years model of the NU7100 and is actually slightly better in some ways but is also cheaper.

    It works fairly well for me but even if you do go with the NU7100 then it should work the same as mine considering its just the next years model of mine 🙂



    @Steo What info did you find out about when comparing the two? Was just looking at the NU7120 and it’s a few hundred pounds more than the MU6120. In what ways is last year’s model better?



    The TCL S405 is reported as working in Line 5x mode for NES and SNES, and it does, but the geometry is off. The picture appears to be cut off on all sides by several pixels, particularly on the top and bottom. Line 3x and 4x remain perfectly centered. Cycling through different 4:3 aspect ratio modes did nothing to fix the problem.



    That is normal, in x5 mode, only 216 of original 224/240 vertical lines can be visible (1080/5 = 216). It is not cut off horizontally, actually you should see that the frame is slightly wider than normal 4:3 as the image is slightly “zoomed in”, to preserve aspect ratio despite the vertical cut-off.
    Edit: I should say you can ofc get the entire image uncropped by using the x5 1920×1200 or 1600×1200 modes instead (if your display supports it and downscales properly). The above is for the default 1080p mode only.



    Have you also tried establishing 256×240 optimized modes, and utilizing the 8:7 ratio for 256 opt mode? FBX has perfect setting for 256 opt mode:

    As he notes, 8:7 may not be to your liking, but it may be worth a try.



    Has anyone tested the LG UJ630V 2017 4kTV? in particular the 49″ model. I’m in the market for a new 4K TV for OSSC and PS4 Pro gaming….in and around the £400 mark!

    There is also the new TCL 4K TV’s coming out soon in Europe, the DP648 looks good also as is around the same price as the LG.



    Anybody tested Sony KDL-50W809C?



    Well the W800C is the only W-series reported to be compatible with Lx3 and up, if the 809 is closely related it may be the same. But one can never be sure until tested.

    On another note, I haven’t updated the OP in some time but plan to do so once my vacation starts in a couple weeks.



    The Magnavox 32MF301B/F7 32 inch 720p TV works fine with 2x modes with 240p, 480i, and 1080i.

    480i and 1080i passthrough work fine. 240p passthrough doesn’t work.

    Any other line multiplying modes does not work.

    Sound doesn’t work either even with the audio enabled firmware. Only way to have sound is to route it through my Elgato HD60S. Not sure how to fix that.

    EDIT 6/23/18: fixed it by turning on audio downsampling lol
    EDIT 6/24/18: actually it didn’t fix it. apparently it worked on another tv but it still isn’t working on my Magnavox. not sure what to do.



    @coderkind I’m sorry I didn’t actually see your message. The only real difference is that the input lag is just under 20ms on the MU6120 vs 13ms on the NU7100. People were even saying the viewing angles were worse than last years model.

    I was thinking the slightly faster response time would be better but I don’t think the price difference can really justify that.

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