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    Didn’t get to do a whole lot of testing since most of my consoles are still packed, however I am happy to report that the Pixio PX276h monitor seems to work flawlessly out of the box with my Super Nintendo. I only have composite cables with the system at the moment, so I did use a Retrotink 2X to hook it up to the OSSC, but I don’t imagine that screwing with a whole lot compatibility wise.



    Hi there,

    I’m maybe planning to buy an ossc, but before I do I wanted to be sure it could work with my setup.
    Anybody with compatibility informations with a Philips Led tv 32pht4203/12, screen resolution 1366 x 768 (seems to be the 4200 serie, this number maybe specific to France..) would be welcome !

    Thank you and hoping to get some clues.



    I now have a 6-series TCL, and it works beautifully with everything I’ve used on it (Genesis, SNES, N64, PS2, all capability of x3 and x4 just fine).

    The 480p 2x (960p) works?

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    The 480p 2x (960p) works?

    Actually not sure about that, since the consoles I tend to run through this are mostly 240p. My PS2 has worked well thus far, but I believe most of those games are outputting 480i if not mistaken. I can check this on a few games though I see what I get.



    LG 43UK6500AUA
    x2 Works
    x3 Works
    x4 Works
    x5 Works
    SNES Works

    I actually haven’t found any configurations that won’t work with this TV. 5x 1920×1080, 1600×1200, 1920×1200 all work fine, even with SNES. I assume the same would be true with the other models 43UK6300 and 43UK6100.



    If you had to bring one console into a TV showroom floor to test OSSC compatibility, it’d be the SNES, right (due to the jittering issues)?



    If you had to bring one console into a TV showroom floor to test OSSC compatibility, it’d be the SNES, right (due to the jittering issues)?

    With the introduction of the dejitter mods for the NES and SNES, the NESRGB 2.0 which integrates dejitter functionality, and the SNES RGB bypass/dejitter combo board, I’d say no.

    If I had to bring a console, I’d probably be inclined to bring a PS2, because, with GSM, it’ll do everything from 240p to 1080i, NTSC and PAL. I live in the US, so one of my biggest wonders when TV shopping is which models secretly support PAL modes (If they advertised it, no one but expats or enthusiasts would know what it is; might think it’s a digital assistant FFS). If I can get a TV in the US that supports 50Hz and doesn’t choke on 576i/p, I’d rather have that so I can play those games in their native video modes than have to run them through framerate conversion.

    I think there’s a test firmware for the OSSC that can output a range of modes. If that can be modified (or created, if it doesn’t already exist) to cycle through a range of modes, including things like 576i/p/PAL60, then I would just bring that. The testing process would be straightforward; if you hooked a portable USB charger to your OSSC with a USB-A to DC barrel cable and could hit BTN0 or BTN1 to cycle through video modes, all you’d need to do is connect the HDMI cable, change the input on the TV, and hit the button to test each mode.



    In the current form, you have to use the remote, though I fail to see that as a problem.

    Sure, the dejitter mod is out there and it’s great, but some would probably prefer not to go through the hassle. So if SNES is an important console to you, I’d still test that.

    PS2 is a good suggestion, but the OSSC test fw kinda beats it on the off-spec framrate department.

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