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    marqs mentioned on shmups that the OSSC comes precalibrated for standard video levels, but in order to get the most out of my consoles (mind you – many consoles stray from standard video levels and added devides like SCART switches meddle as well) I’d really like to see an option to fine-tune myself. Is this possible?

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    R/G/B gain and offset adjustments will be added on the firmware in near future, so they should enable applying basic calibrations to non-optimal sources. They will be most useful after profile support gets added.



    Brilliant! 😀



    I was scratching my head over this when I played Soul Calibur and even with the gain settings, I was still getting a lot of bloom and white out with a number of details missing. Is there something that has to be a little more direct with the way the system converts the strength level of the signal, or is it likely we need another solution towards getting that contrast level under control?

    I’ve made a suggestion in the shmups forum that one alternative might be to make a cable or adapter that has resisters embedded. I think this should be highly considered if we somehow can’t get this figured out.

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