OSSC Audio Upgrade Board (Reduced to clear)

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Upgrade your OSSC with a digital audio board. This allows you to send both digital audio and video down the DVI connector (or HDMI with a suitable passive adapter). Cheaper and tidier than an external audio integrator and great for TVs that have no analogue audio input. You can read a full review of this upgrade by clicking here.

We have a small number of these boards in stock at the moment. If you need one grab one quickly. This may be the last chance you get to buy this part particularly at this price.

Please note this particular board is designed for the V1.5 OSSC as pictured below. The V1.5 OSSC has a black case while the earlier 1.3 prototypes had a transparent case. Fitting in the 1.3 OSSC is possible but much more difficult (see the instructions linked below).



Fitting instructions

Fitting instructions and documentation can be found here. Note that connecting the external master clock by lifting pin 5 of the IT6613 chip is no longer required (or supported).

Remember that to activate the audio upgrade you must install the audio enabled firmware. Firmware can be downloaded from this page. Firmware files named with “-aud” have support for the audio upgrade board.

Click here for installation pictures (courtesy of user/customer Kabloui)

Do NOT order this board until you have read the fitting instructions and feel confident with carrying out the installation. While some community driven support is available for our mods over in our forum, We CANNOT offer technical support with DIY fittings nor can we give refunds on boards that have been damaged or destroyed due to incorrect use or failed installation attempts.

A fitting service for this part is available now.

This board is an open source design by borti4938. If you’d rather make your own board, you can find assembly instructions here.

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OSSC Audio Upgrade Board
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  1. borti4938 says:

    Nice 🙂

  2. Elrinth says:

    Also say that you need to change TX MODE from DVI to HDMI, because I managed to destroy my board thinking something was wrong.
    I desoldered to check that all contacts were fine, but when lifting the new audio board somehow I managed to destroy the pads in the process. I tried to solder directly against the chip pins, but managed to get solder everywhere and am getting signal spread over several pins now and I can’t remove it with a soldering wick. I probably also applied to much heat onto the chip so it’s good night anyways.

    I haven’t given up 100% (only 95%), but just a heads up incase someone else does this mod.

  3. Jari-Petteri Taipale says:

    What does cutting the wires in installation step 1 do? I was about to install the audio board but screwed up soldering in one place and for me also the solder pads came off so I decided not to do the mod… Anyway I already cut the wires and then tested the OSSC after that and audio and video still worked, so I was wondering if it’s something important. Or could it be that I didn’t cut the wires correctly and that’s why it still works? I’m just thinking if cutting the wires and using without the audio board could damage the unit or something, so I just want to know if it’s okay to leave it how it is since it does still work. I should’ve really used thinner solder and smaller soldering iron tip to avoid this, but I didn’t have them at the time, and now I’m just sad, but I’m happy I didn’t break the unit badly…

  4. Sean says:

    I see this part is out of stock now, will it be re-stocked at all in the future or will this site no longer be supplying these DIY Upgrades in favor of the new version of the OSSC?

    • BuckoA51 says:

      I didn’t anticipate getting any more however if there is enough demand I could try and come up with something.

      • Sean says:

        Thanks for the response. Please let me know if you do end up getting the part back in stock or if there is anyway to obtain the upgrade otherwise. I know I missed the boat on this one but I’d really like to get the upgrade without having to buy a whole new OSSC!

  5. Xavier Velastegui says:

    I just missed the boat on the order. I had a 1.5 model that I would and would love to have this installed. Is there any possibility of having a restock in the near future? Also, if I were to order this if it become available again, would I be able to send it back to you guys for an installation? I’d rather have the right hands handle the install. Thanks.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      A restock seems unlikely at this point as we’re too busy with other projects in-house, and the volumes don’t stack up to have them manufactured externally.

  6. bernouilli says:

    Any news about having this item in stock again ?

  7. Merl says:

    I too would like this upgrade as I have a very early version.

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