FU-RGB bypass board for SSDS3

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The Super SD System 3 expansion (SSDS3), developed by TerraOnion, is a great little add-on device for your PC Engine/Supergrafx console. The SSD System 3 allows you to load both ROM images of Hucard games and ISO images of CD games, making it the prefect replacement for ageing and temperamental PC Engine optical drives. The unit also has RGB output, allowing you to easily connect to your OSSC or CRT television/monitor.

Unfortunately, TerraOnion rushed the device to market without proper testing, resulting in a unit with highly flawed RGB output. Rather than work with the community and fix these problems properly, they simply rushed out a second revision which improved some of the issues but still left a lot to be desired. This second revision was the best users could expect, until now.

The FU-RGB bypass board is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research by our friends over at Mobius Strip tech and Voultar LLC. It is designed to properly drive both composite video and RGBS in the Super SD System 3. This circuit should provide the same or in most cases improved video output compared to the original video circuit.

By fitting this board you can enjoy improved, noise free RGB output from your Super SD System 3 expansion.

Installation instructions

Fitting the FU-RGB requires soldering skills and will invalidate the warranty on your hardware. Please do not purchase this part unless you are confident with a soldering iron. While community support may be available in our forum, we cannot give technical support with DIY installations, nor can we offer refunds or compensation for parts damaged due to bad/incorrect DIY installations.

Installation guide V1 by Mobius Strip tech

Video installation guide by iFix Retro

A fitting service for this part is coming soon.

Customers in the USA should purchase this part direct from Mobius Strip Technologies here.

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FU-RGB bypass board
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