4-Play Controller Adapter basic kit

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  • 4-play controller adapter basic kit
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EUR92.30 price excluding VAT is now proud to be the official UK and European distributor for the 4-Play controller adapter kits (customers in the USA can purchase them here). These amazing little adapters are ideal for anyone running emulators on their PC, Android or other USB compatible device. The unit works with Windows, OSX, Linux, Raspberry Pi, most Android devices and the PS3.

The 4-Play is a universal controller adapter that allows up to four people to play simultaneously, with any compatible controller. It’s compatible with virtually every controller and peripheral in existence (see tested compatibility list). It uses low cost adapter cables which allow controllers to plug into its HDMI-like ports. This gives you an unparalleled capacity to play with different types of controllers at once or to swap and configure controllers on the fly. Find out why we think the 4-Play is so awesome by reading our review here.

Use your favourite controller with any PC game – Want to play Shovel Knight with a real SNES pad? Now you can! (Some games may require controls to be reconfigured, or the use of 3rd party software such as X360CE).

Quickly and easily connect controllers for multiplayer sessions – Crack out the laptop and the 4-Play then fire up TowerFall Ascension or your favourite local multiplayer game. Choose any classic controller and it’s game on. Doesn’t matter if you prefer a Saturn controller and your friend prefers a SNES controller, you can use any combination of your choosing.

Play your emulated games with the controller they were designed for – No more clumsy mappings for N64 games, no more being told to press X when your controller doesn’t have an X button. Play the game the way it was meant to be played.

Engineered by gamers for gamers, input lag minimised – Designed in the USA, the 4-Play units have been expertly designed to minimise input lag, eliminate button ghosting and other problems inherent with cheaper USB controller adapters.

In addition to the controllers it already supports, 4-Play can be easily updated to support new ones. New adapter cables can be designed should the need arise. The 4-Play’s design has been based on the concepts of adaptability, authenticity and value, since the very beginning.

Basic kit includes the 4-Play device and USB cable and the following adapter cables

  • 2x Nintendo Entertainment System Cables
  • 2x Super Nintendo Entertainment System Cables
  • 2x Nintendo 64 Cables
  • 4x Nintendo GameCube Cables
  • 2x Retro DB9 Cables
  • 2x Sega Dreamcast Cables
  • 2x Sega Saturn Cables
  • 2x Sony PlayStation/PlayStation 2 Cables

What about different cables?

You can see our entire range of cables here.

Technical support and updates

Instruction manuals for the 4-Play are available to view online here.

Firmware updates can be downloaded here. See the instruction manual for details on how to update the firmware. Remember you need to update the firmware for each of the four controller ports.

Community based technical support is available at the Bliss Box forum. You can also contact Bliss Box directly for 1 to 1 technical support.

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4-play controller adapter basic kit
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  1. StarDust4Ever says:

    That’s pretty spendy. I remember the KS campaign for this one. Maybe it would be a wise idea to let the customer choose which and how many controller adapters they want.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Hopefully we can offer more options in future. The price and the weak pound at the moment means it’s cheaper to buy from us than the USA if you’re anywhere in Europe. The device is pretty good value if you need two or more adapters, as you get a lot more functionality than with normal adapters.

  2. Jim says:

    Oh WOW, I didn’t know they were available to other resellers now. This product is incredible! I was able to get one of the KS deals and I own one of the older custom handmade products from 2008. Both still working like they did when I bought them. I have to side with BuckOA51 here, you will not beat the value if you are looking for a full out controller system. Sure single USB adapters like n64 and PlayStation are out there but pack that with Bliss-Box’s features and durability, forget about competing. I use the 4-Play on my PS3 and gaming desktop. Love the product, the service, and so happy to see it listed elsewhere.

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