CPS2/CPS3 Digital AV Interface Installation Service

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Back in the 80s and early 90s, it wasn’t consoles or even expensive PCs that ruled the roost as the most powerful gaming systems. That crown belonged to arcade hardware, which became ever more powerful and lavish in order to wow gamers and keep them pumping quarters or ten pence pieces into the machines. Many mighty arcade systems came out of that time and one such system that’s fondly remembered by gamers and coveted by collectors is the Capcom CP System II, or CPS2 for short.

Now, none other than the legendary Markus Hiienkari, creator of the OSSC, has come out with yet another great hardware project. The CPS2 digital AV interface is a custom designed scaling solution specially tailored to the CPS2 hardware. Purchase and install this kit and you can tap digital signals directly from the CPS2 hardware itself, losslessly sampling and upscaling the output of the CPS2 board. The result is pixel perfect digital output from your hardware in up to 1200p!

Employing a similar technique to OSSC, the CPS2 digital AV interface line multiplies the output from the CPS2 or CPS3 hardware to ensure razor sharp scaling and no input lag. Unlike OSSC however, the board has a 40 line buffer that, while only raising input lag slightly, can scale the units output into perfect, standard HDTV/Monitor resolutions of up to 1080p or 1200p (coming soon in a firmware update). This ensures that the product should not suffer the occasional compatibility issue that the OSSC has, even at higher resolutions.

Currently, resolutions are switched using the CPS2 volume down button, while scanlines can be enabled or disabled using the volume up button, though there are plans for an on-screen display in future firmware revisions.

The latest revision also supports the CPS3 PCB. While there were considerably less titles on this platform, there are a number of games which are of particular interest to fighting game enthusiasts.

Power up your CPS2 or CPS3 board

Purchase this fitting service and send us your CPS2 hardware (we will require both the A and B boards) and we will professionally install and test this modification. We will also give your vintage hardware a thorough clean and test. For CPS3 we will require the complete kit with a test game.

Please remember that CPS2 or CPS3 hardware can be heavy, please check courier costs before ordering!

If you prefer to DIY fit your CPS2 Digital interface, click here.

Capcom, CP System II and CP System III are trademarks of Capcom Co. LtdCPS2/CPS3 digital AV interface is NOT an official Capcom product.

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CPS2 Digital AV Interface DIY Kit Installation Service
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