Dreamcast DCHDMI Fitting Service

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Available now! (handled by our partners BetaGamma Computing in Greece)

Price reduced! Now you can upgrade your Dreamcast console to HDMI video output making it fully compatible with modern displays. Experience the entire Dreamcast software library in true, lossless digital HDMI with no cable swapping and no fuss. 240p modes can be line-doubled with optional scanline overlays while 480i modes are qucikly de-interlaced with no input lag, or passed through to your TV should you require more sophisticated de-interlacing.

480p or VGA games (which make up the the majority of the consoles library) can be scaled into stunning 1080p. The DCHDMI features an integer scaling 1080p output mode for the sharpest possible image, resulting in pixel perfect presentation with the correct aspect ratio. 

480p and 960p display modes are also available for TVs and monitors that support or require them. 

Both audio and video are processed entirely digitally from the Dreamcast’s motherboard, ensuring the cleanest possible digital signal with no intermediate analogue conversion whatsoever.

Unlike competing solutions (apart from the OSSC when correctly configured) the DCHDMI outputs the Dreamcast’s signal with the correct aspect ratio.

Amazingly, DCHDMI manages to do all this magic using line multiplication and therefore adds no input lag.

No need to take our word for it either, check out these reviews from around the web:-

DCHDMI review: Dreamcast gets a digital video upgrade – and it’s stunning (Eurogamer)
DCHDMI – The 1080p Dreamcast (Dreamcast Junkyard)

Powering up your Dreamcast

Order this service and we will supply the DCHDMI upgrade kit and fit it professionally for you. Not only that, we will clean and service your Dreamcast console and replace the problematic fuse on the controller port with a thermal reset model. This fuse will still trigger to prevent damage but will not then need replacing, a simple power cycle will reset the fuse automatically.

To view the user guide/configuration guide for DCHDMI, click here.

If you prefer to DIY fit your DCHDMI, click here.

Note that DCHDMI uses a mini HDMI output port and so a mini HDMI cable is required.

Dreamcast and Sega are trademarks of Sega Co., Ltd. DCHDMI is NOT an official Sega product.

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Dreamcast DCHDMI Fitting Service
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  1. J says:

    How long would this service take to complete? I live in Korea, but may be visiting Ireland soon. I’m guessing if it has to go to Greece, it could take a while :/

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