Gamecube GCDual HDMI and analogue video mod

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  • Gamecube GCDual HDMI and analogue video mod (reserve list only)
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GCDual is the ultimate AV upgrade for your classic Nintendo Gamecube console. Free yourself from expensive component cables and analogue only connections with this all in one solution. GCDual adds the following features to your classic console:-

HDMI output – Full HDMI output including audio, with optional line doubling of 240p/480i sources and optional scanlines. Note that GCDual uses a Mini HDMI port.

Full analogue output – Output ANY Gamecube resolution via the standard analogue port. Need 480p via SCART for your OSSC or XRGB Mini? No problem! It’s also possible to get RGB output for NTSC consoles.

No more rare and expensive component cables – Use a standard SNES SCART cable with a breakout adapter for component (YPbPr) video.

OSD control – Access GCDual’s settings from a convenient OSD which works via a standard Gamecube controller. To activate the OSD, hold the L, R, X and Y buttons down until the menu appears.

The Nintendo Gamecube GCDual upgrade powers up your classic console with a fully digital HDMI output port that supports both video and audio. All Gamecube screen modes are supported, 240p can be line-doubled to 480p for full HDMI compatibility, while interlace modes can be either line doubled or sent directly to the display. All line-doubling is done on the fly, there’s no frame buffer and therefore no input lag.

To learn more about this fantastic mod, check out our review of the original HDMI Gamecube mod here, and our updated review/overview of GCDual’s new features here.

Remember, in order for your Gamecube to be compatible with this mod, it MUST have the “Digital AV Out” port at the back of the console. Later model Gamecube consoles that do not have this port are unfortunately not compatible.

Note – GCDual configuration jumpers – Unless otherwise instructed we will set up your GCDual for use with a standard CSYNC Nintendo RGB SCART cable that has an attenuation resistor on the sync connection. This is the correct setting for 99% of users. If you need a different configuration please let us know, but please be sure you understand what you need. All available options are documented here.

This mod provides audio and video through the HDMI cable, but a very small number of HDTVs may be incompatible with audio/video mode. In this case, audio can be disabled through HDMI and routed through the consoles analogue output to a suitable receiver as normal.

If you prefer to DIY fit your GCDual, click here.

Nintendo and Gamecube are trademarks of Nintendo Co., Ltd. GCDual is NOT an official Nintendo product.

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  1. Max Bell says:

    Does this board allow you to force 240p system-wide as a set and forget option, or would you still need something like SWISS to boot games in 240p?

  2. Matt Jenkins says:

    Just received this email today so a few questions:
    A: Is it still available?
    B: So will this mean my PAL-Resi4 Cube will output my huge PAL collection of games in the same way NTSC gamers get with there progressive scan 480P mode?

    • BuckoA51 says:

      A) Yes.

      B) No, PAL software still runs at 480i. GCDual/GCVideo can convert this to 480p internally via a simple deinterlace, but it’s not as good as native 480p software. Another option is to force PAL games into progressive using homebrew software.

  3. BambooShadow says:

    1.) Can I use the HDMI and Analog output simultaneously?

    E.g. use the analog output to display the game on my CRT and use the HDMI-output for hdmi-capture.

    2.) I have a NTSC-Cube with a region-switch already built-in (jap/us): does this mod still work out, even though the console is already modded?

    thanks & greetings

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