GCHD MK-II HDMI HD Adapter for Gamecube

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  • GCHD MK-II HDMI HD Adapter for Gamecube
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The GCHD MK-II HDMI HD Adapter from Eon Gaming is an innovative solution that instantly gives your Gamecube a HDMI output port. No modding, soldering or sending away your console, now you can just plug and play!

Compatible with DOL-001 model Gamecubes (consoles with both digital and analogue AV output ports), plug the GCHD MK-II into the back of your Gamecube console and you instantly get a HDMI connector, Component and SCART connector (compatible with Wii component and SCART cables) as well as analogue and digital (Mini-TOSLINK) audio output options. 

Just like the groundbreaking GCDual upgrade kit, GCHD MK-II unlocks all video modes on your Gamecube console. All resolutions from 240p to 480p can be output by HDMI, component or RGB. Both analogue and digital ports are active at the same time. Stream your gameplay using the HDMI port while you game like a pro on your classic CRT monitor.

Also, just like GCDual, GCHD MK-II performs line doubling and deinterlacing without using a frame buffer, so adds no input lag at all. For HDMI compatibility, 240p resolutions can be line doubled or passed through if your display supports them. Interlace resolutions can either be line doubled (bob deinterlaced) or passed through, allowing you to choose the best compromise between input lag and picture quality. Optional scanline overlays can be applied to all resolutions if desired.


  • Standard HDMI
  • Wii compatible analogue port supports SCART and Component cables
  • 3.5mm analogue stereo audio
  • Mini TOSLINK digital audio (LPCM)



The GCHD Mk-II is only compatible with GameCube model number DOL-001. These consoles have both the analogue and digital AV output ports at the back. GCHD Mk-II connects to both of these ports at the same time. GCHD Mk-II is not compatible with the Panasonic Q.

GCHD MK-II provides audio and video through the HDMI cable, but a very small number of HDTVs may be incompatible with audio/video mode. In this case, audio can be disabled through HDMI and routed through the analogue or TOSLINK output to a suitable receiver as normal. To disable audio via HDMI, turn off “Enhanced DVI mode” via the settings menu.


The GCHD Mk-II is pre-programmed with a custom branch of the GCVideo firmware number 2.4b which includes the latest fixes for GBI and Gameboy Player. The Mk-II firmware can be updated via an SPI flasher (at users own risk), or returned to us for an update for a small fee.

Settings menu

In order to access the settings menu on the GCHD Mk-II, press the button next to the component port on the Mk-II and then begin the process of syncing a universal remote to your device via the on screen menu. Typically any IR remote will work, you can use one of our OSSC remote controls, or you can use a Wii U Gamepad in TV mode.


Wondering if you should go for the plug and play option, or have your Gamecube modded? The choice comes down to personal preference. GCHD MK-II and GCDual both have the same image quality. GCHD MK-II, by virtue of not requiring modding work to your console, is much easier to install and use. On the other hand, GCDual gives your console a permanent HDMI output port rather than needing to attach a dongle. GCDual also allows the user to control the on-screen menu via the Gamecube controller, rather than needing to point an IR remote to the back of the console. This is a big advantage if you like to frequently play with the devices settings. 

Gamecube and Nintendo are trademarks of Nintendo Co., Ltd. GCHD MK-II is NOT an official Nintendo product.

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GCHD MK-II HDMI HD Adapter for Gamecube
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