HDMI to VGA adapter

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A super affordable HDMI to VGA adapter which can be used to connect OSSC to VGA PC monitors or to connect RetroTINK 2X to the OSSC.

  • Tested extensively with RetroTINK 2X and OSSC
  • 240p/288p pass-through supported (compatible display required)
  • Tested up to 1600 x  1200 with OSSC
  • Does not appear to crush blacks or over saturate whites in our tests
  • 3.5mm audio break out provided
  • No PSU required


The entire package contains the HDMI to VGA adapter, audio cable, Mini HDMI adapter (ideal for use with RetroTINK 2x) and a small 0.25m VGA cable (ideal for connecting RetroTINK 2x to the OSSC).

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HDMI to VGA adapter
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  1. Flygon says:

    What sort of HDCP does this adapter support?

    There may be users that wish to use this sort of an adapter with other machines, that have HDCP requirements.

  2. Jérôme VV says:

    Hi guys !

    I’m planning on buying the OSSC and I have a Gekko (VGA box for Dreamcast that outputs HDMI), so I was planning on buying a Kuro (outputs in D-Sub 15 VGA) but I’m wondering if instead I could just use this device ?

    DC > Gekko > This HDMI-to-VGA > OSSC, is this possible ? Would it work ?
    DC > Kuro > OSSC would be the way to go ?

    Also, if you’re replying to this comment, might as well ask you this : 480p signals can only be line doubled by the OSSC, right ? It can’t do 1920x1440p ? Would it be even possible in the future, I know it’s an open source project, but is there any technical limitation that would prevent this from happening one day ?

    Thank you for your time ! (forgive my English)

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Best solution for Dreamcast and OSSC is the Toro box using the SCART output for all signals 240p to 480p, but a regular VGA box is fine too. I wouldn’t bother trying to HDMI to VGA convert the Gekko.

      480p x 3 isn’t possible on the current OSSC hardware, sorry.

  3. Andrew says:

    Received my RetroTINK 2X today after months of waiting, and opened up this adapter set (ordered when first released) to get everything hooked up with my OSSC. Only then did I discover that I’d been given a MICRO hdmi adapter instead of a MINI hdmi adapter! The picture and description clearly shows a mini hdmi adapter, so I’m puzzled as to how I ended up with a micro one when you don’t seem to sell those anywhere on the site (that I can see).

    I’ve ordered things from here before without issue, so I’m sure it was a one off accident, but I’m just disappointed that my planned weekend of NES gaming will have to wait yet again since I don’t own any other mini hdmi cables 🙁

  4. Boudewijn says:

    Hello there,

    I have a few questions about this adapter. Does it do the full digital-analogue conversion? Does it add delay in the converted video signal? Basically I’m asking as a speedrunner who would want to modernize a composite setup using Retrotink, but wants to play on an older vga-supported screen sometimes.

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

  5. O says:

    Will this be back in stock in the near future?

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