N64 HDMI upgrade board

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It’s finally here! Upgrade your N64 console to HDMI video output making it fully compatible with modern displays. 240p modes are automatically line-doubled with optional scanline overlays while 480i modes are qucikly deinterlaced with minimal input lag. What’s more, the mod features an amazing de-blur filter that can make N64 games look sharper and better than was ever believed possible! For more information on this mod and how it compares to other N64 uprgades and modifications, see this Youtube video.

We can fit your N64 HDMI upgrade for you but if you’re confident with a soldering iron and want to fit yourself, you can snag yourself an upgrade board here.

Fitting instructions

Please note this is not an easy modification to fit. Do NOT order this board until you have read the fitting instructions and feel confident with carrying out the installation. We CANNOT offer technical support with DIY fittings nor can we give refunds on boards that have been damaged or destroyed due to incorrect use or failed installation attempts.

Fitting instructions (PDF)

Fitting guide video tutorial

User Guide

Remember, the board uses a Mini HDMI connector, you will need a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable to connect it to your television or monitor.

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N64 HDMI upgrade board
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 2 reviews
by Rockford Johnston on N64 HDMI upgrade board

Incredible quality and finish. Install is straight forward and recommend professional only as it takes some skill but a professional will appreciate the design. Everything works as advertised and the port sits perfectly by the old one requiring a little filing. You'll definitely "WOW" when you turn on your favorite game!

by lev11 on N64 HDMI upgrade board
Ultra indeed

Great item, excellent design, clearly a lot of thought and effort has gone into this. The finished product is 'Ultra' indeed, hard to see how this could be bettered, once fitted it looks like it has always been there.

Providing digital video and audio which looks and sounds fantastic, with multiple options for fine tuning user preferences with the OSD.

Although the installation could be considered delicate work, take your time and it is quite straight forward, and the provided resources (video and install guide) are very well written and cover everything needed.

Congratulations, and thank you to the designer, this truly is a fit-for-purpose mod to bring your N64 into the digital age.

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  1. DeadPixel says:

    When will you be getting anymore of these in stock?

  2. I’m interessed about a beauty like this ! It’s any chance to have it again in stock ?

  3. Sammy says:

    i assume this comes with the ribbon cable or do we need to purchase it seperately? is there an option to buy a spare? thanks!

  4. Anthony says:

    I know this sounds dumb but will there be any UltraHDMI in the future?

  5. HLG says:

    Same question. Want to upgrade my console for quite a long time already and this item is out of stock everywhere…

  6. chris taylor says:

    Just checking to see if got another waiting list for N64 HDMI upgrade board?

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