SNES De-jitter Installation Service

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Does your OSSC work perfectly with your television, except when you try to use your SNES? Due to a quirk with the SNES hardware design, these consoles generate a ‘jittery’ sync signal in 240p mode. This makes their signal challenging for digitizers which use it in clock generation, and especially for devices like OSSC, where the output clock is derived directly from the sync signal. Not every HDTV is affected by this quirk, but if your other consoles are working fine while your SNES has issues, chances are it’s the jitter bug.

By purchasing this service and sending us your SNES console, we will install our de-jitter board and your SNES’ sync signal will be corrected, meaning it will be compatible when used with the OSSC and any HDTV (assuming your HDTV is compatible with the OSSC in the first place, of course).

If you prefer to DIY fit your de-jitter board, click here.

Note – The de-jitter mod is not applicable to PAL consoles (unless you have installed a SuperCIC board) and would be dormant if installed in a stock PAL console.

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SNES De-jitter Installation Service
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