M1 Mini Mega Installation Service

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  • M1 Mini Mega Installation Service
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Available now! (handled by our partners BetaGamma Computing in Greece)

All repair/modification work is carried out subject to our terms and conditions. Once you have placed your order, details of where to ship your hardware will be sent to your e-mail address. Prices do NOT include return postage.

You asked for the best and we’re delivering it! Designed by FirebrandX with his notorious attention to detail, the M1 Mini Mega is a stereo bypass amp upgrade for your model 1 Sega Megadrive/Genesis console (all revisions except VA7).

Get sound quality like you never knew was possible from your original, genuine Megadrive hardware. Hear all your classic games with crystal clear noise free audio output. No expense has been spared to bring you this audiophile grade upgrade for your classic console.

Purchase this service, send us your Megadrive/Genesis Mark 1 console and we will professionally install and test the M1 Mini Mega for you. The price above includes both the M1 Mini Mega kit and installation. Once installed, the M1 Mini Mega bypasses the stock headphone output with a line-level output that we can wire to RCA jacks or a 3.5mm jack at the back of your console. 

The concept of this mod is to improve the upper range clarity for line level audio output, which is muffled by strong low pass filtering when using the stock headphone output jack for recording or connecting to your stereo receiver/amplifier.

FirebrandX has prepared an example audio file so you can hear the difference yourself. Click here to download it.

Important – Please read this before ordering the mod and shipping your MegaDrive/Genesis Console

Compatibility – Please be aware that the “VA7” revision model 1 Genesis console (the last revision before Sega switched to the Model 2) is not compatible with this board. The only way to be sure which motherboard revision you have is to open your console. See the guide here to help you identify the revision of console you have. If you send us an incompatible board, we will unfortunately have to charge for return postage.

Headphone output – Headphone output on the front of the console will be disabled when this mod is installed.

RCA Jacks – If your console has the EXT port at the back, there’s no room for the RCA jacks. Choose the 3.5mm output option instead.

Stereo SCART cables – Some stereo SCART cables designed for the Megadrive/Genesis have additional components installed in them to try to adjust the consoles headphone output down to line-level. This is not necessary once you have the audio bypass amp installed. If you would like us to check your RGB cable, please include it with your console.

If you prefer to DIY fit your M1 Mini Mega, click here.

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M1 Mini Mega Installation Service
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