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Add switchless region free and 50/60hz capability to your Sega Nomad console! Now Sega Nomad users no longer need to miss out on the fun of having a fully region free console. The Mega Nomad board fits neatly inside your classic Sega portable and lets you play all region games at the correct speed. You can also choose to play PAL games at 60hz if you prefer, ideal for non-optimised titles.

The board also contains a replacement oscillator for 50hz mode. This means that the Mega Nomad generates the correct frequency carrier for PAL display modes. Many of the replacement LCDs on the market for the Nomad are only compatible with composite video. Without the correct frequency carrier, the image on these LCDs will be monochrome when running in PAL mode. The Mega Nomad takes care of this, no more black and white picture when in 50HZ mode! Furthermore, this also improves compatibility when using the device with an external display, particularly more modern displays.

Each kit comes with the Mega Nomad board and a 3-colour LED. Just like with the Megadrive region free mod, the 3 colour LED shows the currently selected region. Green for Europe, red for Japan and orange for the USA.

Here’s how the Mode button works:

Short press (under 250ms) – Normal console reset.

Long press (between 250ms and 1250ms)– 50/60 Hz toggle (after the button is released the LED flashes slowly to indicate 50Hz or quickly to indicate 60Hz).

Hold for more than 1250ms – Change region. The LED will flash and change colour indicating the region. Simply let go once the correct region is selected. The Nomad will then reset and change to the region selected.

The current mode (region and 50/6ohz setting) is stored in the Mega Nomad’s internal memory, so after resetting the console it will remain in the last used mode.

You can see the mod in action in this video:-


Installing the Mega Nomad

Installation instructions for this mod are available to download here.

This modification requires soldering skills and incorrect installation may damage your hardware. Please check the installation instructions carefully and only attempt this modification if you are confident that you can do it successfully. We cannot offer technical support with installations or offer refunds for components that have been damaged due to incorrect installation.

Currently this mod is available in DIY kit only, but we hope to offer a fitting service in the near future.

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Mega Nomad board
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