Sega Megadrive/Genesis Triple Bypass board

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  • Sega Megadrive/Genesis Triple Bypass board
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The Sega Megadrive/Genesis Triple Bypass board is a new mod for your Megadrive/Genesis 2 or 3 console (or VA7 revision Megadrive 1) developed by retro console wizard DB Electronics. The board combines two popular modifications. Firstly, it is an RGB bypass mod with a THS7374 video amplifier which improves and updates the consoles RGB amplifier for the cleanest, crispest RGB possible. Secondly, the board also includes the popular “Mega Amp” mod to clean up the consoles often muddy audio. This can significantly improve the audio quality on many Megadrive 2 consoles which suffer from poor audio output. Now you can have perfect audio and video quality from your Megadrive 2 console!

The board comes in three different revisions to match the different types of Megadrive/Genesis hardware that were available. You will need to determine which revision of console you have before purchasing.

ASIC YM3438 – Fits the following console revisions: VA0, VA1, VA1.8, VA3, CDX, and Nomad.

YM261 – Fits the following console revisions: VA2.0, VA2.3.

GOAC YM3438 – Fits the following console revisions: VA4 Genesis Model 2, VA1 Genesis 3.

You can now also order the mod with a Mini DIN connector if your project requires it, however it is usually not necessary as the RGB output can be routed to the consoles existing video connector. This will be supplied separately and will require soldering to the board.

Fitting instructions

Please note this is a complex modification and requires soldering skills. Please study the installation instructions carefully before ordering.

For more information and fitting instructions, visit our friends over at RetroRGB here.

If you require a fitting service for this part, click here.

Megadrive, Genesis and Sega are trademarks of Sega Co. Ltd. Triple Bypass is NOT an official Sega product.

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Sega Megadrive/Genesis Triple Bypass board
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by Ben on Sega Megadrive/Genesis Triple Bypass board
Worth the effort.

I purchased and installed the triple bypass on a VA1 sega genesis. Installation was a bit complicated since you are required to lift 3 legs from the Sony CXA1145 chip. This installation should only done by an experienced modder with all the necessary tools. Furthermore, documentation is very scarce and the RetroRGB "guide" are just a collection of pictures of the installation without clear steps. I would recommend looking for MegaAMP and sega RGB bypass guides and comparing them with the picture provided.

Once installed, you will see and hear the difference in an instant. The annoying bars are gone and whites and blacks now look perfect. The bass coming out of the genesis sounds clear and the treble is perfectly crisp. Even games with bad music sound good.

I highly recommend it but keep in mind that installing it will require patience, forethought and experience.

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  1. Sammy says:

    can you use this simply for the audio and ignore the video bypass? mega amp 2.0 is sadly not really available anymore. if necessary, i’ll just make a DIY board but this as an alternative would be nice. concerning the GOAC YM3438.

  2. Bart says:

    Does the Mega Amp remove the problem of Game Genies making terrible noise and buzz in Mega Drive model 2 consoles?
    I’m experiencing this myself, have read it’s a common MD2 problem, MD1’s having no issue with this at all.

    • Bart says:

      Any response to this question, and the one by Sammy?
      Just like him, I’m also only interested in using it for the sound update (honestly, I think video of my Mega Drive looks great), and mainly to solve the Game Genie MD2 buzz problem. Using Game Genie to play Japanese games on my MD2.

  3. Jason Baker says:

    Hi, I would like to order the Triple Bypass for my Genesis 3 VA2 console.
    I know officially you say supports ends at G3 VA1, but that isn’t correct.
    More than one person has performed this mod on a VA2, so we know it does in fact work.

    So why don’t I just order it then?
    Well because the only images I could find they guy used gray ribbon cable ON THE ENTIRE THING! Sure I can see what points I need to tap, and what resistors/caps to remove… But I have no idea where these go into the Triple Bypass.

    Can you please, please, post clear instructions of how to install this?
    I’m a very experienced modder, I’ve installed amp bypasses into SNES 1CHIP, Genesis VA0 and even the CPS2 HDMI kit without issue… But I can’t work without clear instructions!


  4. Z80 says:

    Whats de equivalence for PAL region Mega Drives?, I have a VA6 Model 1 what sound dac should I choose?

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