Nintendo 64 RGB modification – Compatible consoles only!

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  • Nintendo 64 RGB modification – Compatible consoles only!
  • Nintendo 64 RGB modification – Compatible consoles only!
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All repair/modification work is carried out subject to our terms and conditions. Once you have placed your order, details of where to ship your hardware will be sent to your e-mail address. Prices do NOT include return postage. To estimate return postage we recommend Parcel2Go. Parcels will be returned by Royal Mail or UPS only.

Have your compatible Nintendo 64 console professionally upgraded to RGB using the best available RGB amp (included in the price of the mod). We now perform this modification using the newest THS7374 based RGB amps. Furthermore, if you need CSYNC (clean composite sync) output, we can add that to your console too.

Note – You MUST check that your console is compatible with this modification before ordering it. Only NTSC consoles with NS1,NUJ1 or NUS-001 serial numbers are compatible, but the only way to know for sure is to open your console. Please check this page for more help determining if your machine is compatible. If you send us a console that is incompatible we will unfortunately have to charge you for return postage. If you have previously had your compatible N64 RGB modded and the picture is too dark, we can also fix/upgrade your console to the new RGB amp. Once your console is modified, you should use a Super Nintendo NTSC RGB SCART cable for use with it. You can purchase a suitable cable here.

About the low pass filter

Our new amps include the option to turn off the low pass filter. There is considerable debate as to what is the best option for this and no clear right or wrong answer. Many people believe that if you’re using the console predominantly with a scaler like the OSSC or XRGB Mini you should disable or turn off the low pass filter, otherwise you should leave it on. Turning off the filter can give a slightly sharper image but can also introduce other problems, such as picture noise.

About Csync (clean sync) output

If you intend to purchase the Csync (clean sync/pure sync) output option with your newly modded console, please remember that this mod has been configured to output 75 ohm terminated Csync. If your device only accepts TTL Csync then the Csync output may not be compatible. If your SNES SCART cable has a resistor on the sync line you can safely remove it when this mod is installed. If you have a clean sync cable for your console already and you include it with your system, we’ll check it for you and reconfigure it if necessary.

If you need a new Csync cable to use with your modified console, you can use the NTSC SNES PackAPunch cable available here. Choose the “CSYNC TTL 2.5 Volt” option when configuring the cable. Since your console already outputs 75ohm sync you do NOT need a cable that is corrected for this, so the TTL cable is the right one.

Note – Normally if we’re upgrading you from an old-style amp mod to one of our new ones, we’ll remove the old one free of charge. However, if it was very badly installed (e.g using hot glue or similar) then we reserve the right to charge a fee to remove it and clean your console. We will notify you before starting work if this is the case.

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I had my US N64 modded with this RGB amp and the image is excellent: sharp, clear, vibrant, colourful, and just far better than the old school mod or standard output. And when I connect it to my XRGB Framemeister, the image(with scanlines) is just like a top quality CRT on my LCD screen.

I'm very happy. Highly recommended.

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  1. arron says:

    hi chaps,any idea when you’ll be taking on any more RGB mods?

  2. Kash says:

    Are you still doing mods? I have an early US N64 model that needs a mod!

  3. Jonathan Wood says:

    Any chance of this mod becoming available soon?

    Many thanks,

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