Nintendo SNES / Super Famicom 1-Chip RGB Bypass

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All repair/modification work is carried out subject to our terms and conditions. Once you have placed your order, details of where to ship your hardware will be sent to your e-mail address. Prices do NOT include return postage. To estimate return postage we recommend Parcel2Go. Parcels will be returned by Royal Mail or UPS only.

Note – This mod is compatible with 1-Chip Super Nintendo consoles ONLY. This model is much rarer than the regular multi-chip consoles. To find out if you have a 1-Chip console, see the instructions on this page. If you send us an incompatible console we will not be able to complete the mod and will have to charge you for return shipping costs.

Improve the picture quality on your 1-Chip SNES console even further by installing our latest and greatest RGB bypass amp. For the absolute best picture quality possible with your Super Famicom or SNES console we perform the upgrade using our very latest, cutting edge RGB Bypass amp. This modification should improve or fix the consoles vertical line issue. We can also perform an additional mod to fix brightness and ghosting issues that these consoles often exhibit.

About the low pass filter

Our new amps include the option to turn off the low pass filter. There is considerable debate as to what is the best option for this and no clear right or wrong answer. Many people believe that if you’re using the console predominantly with a scaler like the OSSC or XRGB Mini you should disable or turn off the low pass filter, otherwise you should leave it on. Turning off the filter can give a slightly sharper image but can also introduce other problems, such as picture noise. The picture below shows an example of the two filter settings.

Important – Missing top line issue

It has come to our attention that installing the RGB mod may cause some games to lose the top few scanlines from the picture. Below is an example of this phenomenon. Click on the picture to enlarge it.



The issue only affects a small number of games. We believe this is an acceptable trade-off for improved picture quality. We are always actively researching and improving our mods and should a fix appear for this issue we will incorporate it into our work. 

Order 2 or more SNES mods at the same time and receive a £5 discount on your order.

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Nintendo SNES / Super Famicom 1-Chip RGB Bypass
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  1. Fabiano says:

    I already bought ossc, please i leave in brazil and here nobody make this mod. i want to buy a snes with the mod installed, could sell for me?

  2. Fabiano says:

    i have the dvdo vp50 is necessary this mod for me?

  3. Dylan Craven says:

    Do you do repairs? I have a dead SFC Jr and I’m looking for someone to repair it.

    Regards 🙂

  4. James Pickup says:

    Hi guys ,

    Do you offer just the brightness/ghosting fix separate? My 1 chip variant has noticeable ghosting and would like to eliminate it completely, thanks

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