Nintendo Gamecube HDMI/RGB dual upgrade

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  • Nintendo Gamecube HDMI upgrade
  • Nintendo Gamecube HDMI upgrade
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Pre-orders now open. Contact us here if you want to be on the waiting list. We’re have now installed two of these new boards with great results and we’re just waiting for more boards to install.

Coming soon! A completely redesigned version of the HDMI Gamecube mod, with the following new features.

  • Much neater fitting (see pictures)
  • Uses a custom designed FPGA board just for the Gamecube
  • Original digital video connector no longer removed
  • Use both Nintendo Digital Video out and HDMI out at the same time if desired
  • Both digital (HDMI) and analogue video output options available
  • Use a regular Nintendo RGB SCART cable and access ALL resolutions including 480p
  • Component video out via regular Nintendo RGB SCART cable with a simple breakout adapter
  • Optional VGA out (contact us for more details)


The Nintendo Gamecube HDMI upgrade powers up your classic console with a fully digital HDMI output port that supports both video and audio. All Gamecube screen modes are supported, 240p can be line-doubled to 480p for full HDMI compatibility, while interlace modes can be either line doubled or sent directly to the display. All line-doubling is done on the fly, there’s no frame buffer and therefore no input lag.

Fully compatible with modern HDTVs or analogue 31khz displays by using a simple HDMI to VGA converter. For a full run-down of what this mod can do, see this page.

Get both the region free and HDMI upgrades at the same time and we can give you a small discount (plus you save on postage costs too!).

Remember, in order for your Gamecube to be compatible with this mod, it MUST have the “Digital AV Out” port at the back of the console. Later model Gamecube consoles that do not have this port are unfortunately not compatible.

Please note this is a complex mod and this is reflected in the price and turnaround time. It also requires a cosmetic change to the rear of the Gamecube, as you can see in the picture above and on the left. While we will do our very best to get a neat cut, please remember we only have access to off the shelf Dremel type cutting tools and not an industrial cutting rig.

This mod provides audio and video through the HDMI cable, but a very small number of TVs may be incompatible with audio/video mode. In this case, audio can be disabled through HDMI and routed through the consoles analogue output to a suitable receiver as normal.

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 2 reviews
by Timothy Joyce on Nintendo Gamecube HDMI upgrade
Superb mod, superb service!

For quite a long time I was eager to improve the picture quality on my GameCube and living in the UK it's easier said than done. I decided it would be far too costly to achieve so I gave up on it eventually. That is of course until Nintendo Life reviewed this newly released mod and gave it top marks, so I decided I would have to try it. I can safely say that anyone who wants to up the ante and upgrade their GameCube should buy this mod. The picture quality is astounding especially when you compare it with an RGB scart cable, the two simply don't compare! I tested a number of PAL region games such as Soulcalibur II, Super Mario Sunshine and Skies of Arcadia Legends and all of them showcased enhanced detail and cleaner pictures overall. Not to mention the improved audio fidelity which is instantly noticeable on first hearing. Customer service was exemplary, all my emails got a quick response and I was given regular updates too, top notch! I am also very pleased to see that the price of the mod has also come down in price substantially making this the definitive option over the component cable (which tend to go for some pretty high pennies on ebay). Yes if you live in the UK or anywhere else where your GameCube games don't support 480p then invest in this mod, you won't regret it.

Thanks for the kind review! Please note that this mod only performs a simple line-double for 480i games so it's no substitute for actually running Gamecube software in 480p.


Recently my friends and I have been on the quest to get the best image from our old game systems. I was introduced to the XRGB Framemiester and scart cables, which was totally foreign to me. The pictures are great, but the use of these enormous cables and extra switchbox for the amount of systems I have is a bit of a hassle. Enter the Gamecube HDMI MOD. I can't even remember how I heard of this, but the moment I knew it was available I had to give it a go. Of course, the price and the early pics of the mod, did make me think twice. But I just had to give it a go. All I can say it was totally worth it! the picture output is truly a sight to behold. Not only does it look great but sounds great as well. I also want to mention that the service and communication that I had with Matt from Videogameperfection was also something I rarely ever encounter. He responded to all my emails, kept me updated on the status of my mod and treated me like an old friend that loves videogames and took everything very seriously. Just an awesome experience as this was my first time to get any of my systems modified. As mentioned before, if your on the fence on doing this and your an avid retrogamer, just do it. The only thing that was less than perfect, but I knew this going in, was the actual look of the mod. Yes, it looks a little diy, but its not like your staring at the back of your Gamecube all day long. Although I do know its there. Hopefully they'll improve the look of the mod and maybe I can get it fixed to look nicer. Thanks again for this awesome mod!

Thanks for the review and the kind words! Please note that since this review was published we've improved the fitting significantly and the new mod is much tidier looking.

If your country is not listed as a shipping destination please contact me, I may be able to sort something out for you!

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  1. Adam Cook says:

    Do you sell this mod in a kit form rather than having to do work yourself?

    Thanks, Adam.

  2. EroEdellabrina says:

    Do you ship to Italy? Sorry i could not find the country section.

  3. stardust4ever says:

    Hi. I need to know, does the HDMI mod disable legacy AV output? I still game on CRT TVs but your HDMI mod does sound tempting. I just still want to have the option to use analog if I chose to.

    I assume it is 480p native resolution with no upscale, correct? Thanks.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Currently, legacy output is still available through the analogue video output. Output resolution on the HDMI connector is up to you, 240p and 480i can be output as-is or line-doubled, though few TVs will accept 240p via HDMI, this does mean you can use an inexpensive HDMI to VGA or component converter to go back into the analogue domain if you need to.

  4. Martin says:

    For this price you make a big ugly hole in my gamecube, i hope you are joking with that price.

  5. Jordan says:

    Hi I couldn’t access the terms and conditions but just wondering do you guys ship to Australia?

  6. Brolly says:

    Did you test this on input lag on a monitor compared to a gamecube on a crt? If this mod does make it lagless, this is a serious game changer for the smash community

  7. james hammond says:

    Hi, I came here from watching the nintendo life content about your mod, and I’m really impressed. Unfortunately my current and only gamecube is a dol-101 so no mod for me.

    But my gamecube is not my main retro system, that would be my Wii which was softmodded with nintendont to do all of my gamecube games. (of which I download the ntsc versions to get the 480p best visuals possible)

    now a bit a tech pondering and an obvious question. the wii was described at the time as a souped up gamecube (similar architecture, higher clock speed) i wonder how that translates to you folks for your hdmi mod; not much of a challenge, other complications i’m not considering or (hopefully) is it your next project?

    I ask because no joke I would happily pay for the hdmi mod if you could put it into my wii ’cause that would give me the best way of viewing my games, afterall they hobled the pal gamecube and the pal region games but not the pal wii and with my ntsc game files I’m already ready to go.

    any response would be awesome and thanks again for the hard work.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      A HDMI Wii would be awesome wouldn’t it? We didn’t develop the HDMI Gamecube mod, we just made it available to people who don’t have experience programming FPGA and soldering. If a HDMI Wii comes along we will definitely get behind it and offer it to folks.

      • StarDust4Ever says:

        HDMI mods on a Wii are unnecessary IMO. If you want an HDMI enabled Wii, get a Wii-U. There’s nothing the Wii-U can’t do that a model 2 Wii can. By model 2 Wii I mean the cost reduced version without the Game Cube ports, not the totally useless Mini.

        Currently there are zero options for playing Game Cube through HDMI where this mod shines.

        • BuckoA51 says:

          I respectfully disagree, I think a HDMI Wii would be awesome, here’s some reasons why for starters –

          Also I believe there’s homebrew for Wii-U that can play Gamecube, but I don’t want to hack my Wii-U and risk getting banned from Mario Kart 🙂

          • StarDust4Ever says:

            Thanks for the link. I’m woefully ignorant on the PAL region issues. They appear to be nonexistant on NTSC consoles. Really PAL gamers had it rough, from 50Hz Virtual Console Titles to issues with component cables, etc…

            I think the one advantage people in PAL land have over NTSC is access to RGB capable displays. My current setup consists of a composite + RF CRT and a DVI + HDMI 1080p low latency monitor, with discreet speakers for sound.

            Another weird caveat is that my ASUS monitor has such poor audio pass through that I use and HDMI switch to pass analog stereo to the speakers. Using the Wii-U with the switch corrupts the picture for some reason when playing Wii titles, so I direct connect the Wii-U using the spare DVI connection and run the sound to the speakers from the analog Wii A/V cable.

            It’s also dated somewhat as the Gamepad has a built in sensor bar and you can literally put it on a stand and use Wiimotes with it. A good number of complaints (Dolby sound, analog audio out with HDMI, Pros as classic controllers, etc) have been solved by firmware updates.

  8. Brandon Powell says:

    How does the image quality/sound/lag compare to running your gamecube games on a wii using hdmi

  9. Dan says:

    Hi, my GC is chipped to play back up disks, can you still do this to it??

  10. Helgi says:

    There’s a plenty of space for fitting a standard HDMI output to the left of the component out. BTW does this mod completely replace component output or it will be possible to connect component cables?

  11. GrumpyGoomba says:

    Hi. Just wondering if this will be back in stock at some point? I’d be gutted if I missed out on this.


  12. Nigel says:


    I’m rally interested in the mod. I’ve looked but couldn’t find the answer to this question:

    I have have a PAL Gamecube and obviously PAL games. As you now some games allow a 60hz mode. With this mod installed, I’m assuming if us PAL guys want to run at 30fps / 60hz, we would still have to select 60hz mode by holding down ‘b’? What happens if we ran at the PAL native resolution i,e 576i with his mod installed?

    thank you,

  13. Jon says:

    Can’t wait for this to be back in stock!
    Is the Multi-region mod possible on a Japanese Gamecube? also, would it be possible to have the menu start in English rather than Japanese?

    many thanks

  14. Fozzy says:


    I’m really interested and can’t wait to see it available again. Is shipping from and back to France possible? How much would it cost?


  15. ceramicsaturn says:

    I’m assuming you ship to America? Do I need to ship in a system, or is there a way we can eliminate a step and just have you mod one you guys have in stock and then you ship it over?

  16. Simpol says:

    hello there,
    Do you know if the Panasonic Q is compatible with the HDMI mod? 😀
    It does have the Digital AV out.

  17. Fozzy says:

    Any chances to see it back in stock soon?

  18. GrumpyGoomba says:

    Hi, another quick question from me please, if you don’t mind. I have recently got a freeloder that works on the Wii, and so I tested my NTSC GameCube games through its component cable in 480p for the first time ever. Hooked up to a Full HD LG TV (only 21″). Whilst I noticed the picture was much clearer than composite through the GameCube, I found the jaggy edges quite bad. I don’t notice this in your YouTube video or on your screenshot comparisons. Would you expect this HDMI mod to display less jaggies than component on Wii, or is this simply the price to pay for displaying 480p content on a 1080p TV? Your video/screenshots don’t seem too bad. Thanks.

    • Simpol says:

      You might have to just lower the “sharp” settings on that HDTV, maybe even brightness/contrast.
      I always had to do that for Gamecube component output on HDTVs.

      • Simpol says:

        Also, did you turn on Progressive Output by holding the “B” button during bootup?

        • GrumpyGoomba says:

          Yes I did. I’ve never seen GC games in progressive before (despite having the NTSC games since they were new) and thought I’d check them out through the Wii before going for this HDMI mod. Was pleasantly surprised to see such a difference, but was disappointed to see the jaggies. I guess they were hidden by blur before! I’ll play with the TV settings, see if that makes a difference. I hope they’re not as bad through the HDMI mod, I hear its progressive picture is better than the Wii’s one? I may also look to get a 720p TV too, as I suspect a 480p picture looks better than on a full HD one? Thanks.

      • BuckoA51 says:

        We always recommend calibrating your TVs sharpness properly using a calibration disc like digital video essentials. Typically turning up sharpness just adds noise or ringing to the image.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Really depends on your TV and its scaling. On some TVs the HDMI mod is noticeably better, on others it doesn’t make a big difference vs. component.

  19. Ultima says:

    I tried a SCART-HDMI converter which gave me mono-graphic images when i played on 60 hz. Does that also happens if I would use this mod? (i have a PAL GC and does not happen at 50HZ)

  20. RdCrestdBreegull says:

    Hi, does this GameCube HDMI mod still allow Progressive Scan mode on compatible GameCube games? So if I hold the B button on my GameCube controller while Star Fox Adventures is loading, will it give me the option to turn on Progressive Scan mode, and will the mode work like normal? Thanks

      • RdCrestdBreegull says:

        Thank you. Also, does it give you the option to have the image fill the screen in a 16:9 ratio? So if I’m playing a game that has an anamorphic widescreen option (such as Star Fox Adventures) can I change a setting in the actual HDMI mod menu to have the image fill the screen? Or how would I go about it?

        • BuckoA51 says:

          It’s not an upscaler so no, you can only do with the image what your TV can do.

          • RdCrestdBreegull says:

            Oh, you mean that since the GCN HDMI mod only outputs a maximum of 480p, the signal that it’s sending to the TV is a 4:3 signal? Because I know that the UltraHDMI mod for N64 sends a pillarboxed 16:9 signal and gives you the option to have the image fill the entire screen.

  21. GrumpyGoomba says:

    Hi. Do you have a timescale as to when this will be available please? Sorry to ask again, but Chi Bi Ro Bo keeps pestering me as he wants to clean the house in lossless digital 480p goodness

  22. Daryl says:

    Does this service include cleaning the GameCube unit? I am about to pay for the cleaning and region free service that RetroFixes offers, but $100 not including shipping is alot for me right now. It would be great if when you have more boards in, I can pay for this HDMI mod and choose the region free service, and then you could also clean up my Cube a little bit. I don’t believe it’s really dirty on the inside, but having it cleaned and restored to it’s factory shine would be great. If not, then I’ll have to choose RetroFixes restoration service. Thanks.

  23. TonySussex says:

    Hello, I’m interested in the new mod. A couple questions I currently have a gc component cable bought years ago.. I’m not sure what is best picture quality – plug directly into 4K Samsung Or through my 2015 model onkyo receiver? (480i >720p) also Does this also apply to HDMI mod as well?
    Thank you

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Depends on the upscaling your receiver does, if any, but remember that will add some quite significant input lag on top of what your TV does too.

  24. Orange says:

    Looking forward to this being available soon!

  25. DK says:

    When will these be made available again?

  26. Gumbario says:

    Hello. Will you ever sell reproduction component cables for the gamecube? This would be more appealing to me.
    Thank you

  27. ilyas javed says:

    Is there any updates on when the pre orders will be ready?

  28. ArabianLuffy says:

    Hey, Bucko!

    I have a new GameCube with “Digital AV Out” port. Can I send it to you to mod it with HDMI & Region Free?

  29. ThumpieBunnyEve says:

    1: Have you considered using a Mini-HDMI out port? It’d leave less surface scaring in case modding. And by design insinuate people should be delicate with it so as not to damage the port. It’s a nip less “Standard” but the short HDMI to miniHDMI adapters could serve as a break-away cable as well.

    2: are there any mod-chip mods that allow use of a SATA HDD or SSD directly? I’ve seen some USB ones, but the file systems have to be fat32 on those, and I’ve heard of others using internal hard drives to run game backups with NTFS partitions. I’m specifically looking to make a non-optical driven dedicated smash melee machine with hdmi for the 480p ntsc output.

    • BuckoA51 says:


      1) Design is finalised now sorry.
      2) Not that we’re aware of. I think some of the Wii drive emulators could be modded to work, but I’m not sure.

  30. Khushi says:

    is there shipping to latin america

  31. Tim says:

    Hey, I’ve been searching the web for several hours now. It seems like the PAL gamecube is limited to RGB Scart and that low resolution. The NTSC can achieve that high resolution via the component cable.

    So this chip. Does it work with PAL and makes as good a picture on both PAL and NTSC consoles?

    Hope you understand my confusing text.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      It’s PAL software, rather than the hardware, that’s limited to 480i. As long as you have means to boot NTSC software on your Cube then you can enjoy progressive scan mode.

  32. Andrew says:

    Hi, really interested in the mod, I have three questions:-

    1. I purchased a Wii to HDMI converter and it seems to work OK, I’ve played Metroid using it for about 5 minutes! How much better will the picture be using this mod?
    2. I live in the UK and have a few PAL games, but I’m going to start collecting again, which will look better PAL or HTSC versions of games? I’m confused by some of the commentary on interlaced scanning and how this mod impacts this.
    3. I’m not on the waiting list, if I put my name down now when roughly can I expect delivery?


    • BuckoA51 says:

      1) That’s a cheap upscaler, this mod taps the signal directly, no conversion, input lag etc.
      2) NTSC versions that support progressive scan mode are recommended.
      3) Can’t say, could be a long time.

  33. Richard says:


    If all is well, i’m on the list for a GameCube HDMI mod. Unfortunately I haven’t heard from you in months. Do you have any indication about how long it takes?



  34. Jhynjhiruu says:

    My Cube is modded with a SD card adaptor built into the memory card port (port b), also has a Wavebird receiver connected to controller port 1, could you still do the mod or would I have to remove the adaptor?

  35. Matt says:

    Hi I was wondering if a GameCube came with the mod together or do I have to send in my GameCube because mine doesn’t work that well and I was under that impression at first but now I’m not too sure.


  36. Fozzy says:


    If everything is fine, I’m on waiting list since march. Any update on an availability?


  37. Kadeb says:

    When will they be in stock again?

  38. Philharmonic says:

    Good luck Bucko – we’re all rooting for ya! I cant wait to get my hands on this – just keep us posted 🙂

  39. Harry tom says:

    is there any new news on this??

    • BuckoA51 says:

      No but I hope to have some kind of update this month or early next.

      • Paul says:

        Great website and products! And thanks for the links above, they provided brilliant information to get the parts which allowed me to get a highly skilled engineer/technician(a retired one at that) to do the mod for me in about +20hrs.

        I hope you don’t mind me saying: but you really aren’t charging enough for this mod to justify all the effort that goes into it. I know a big part of the mod benefit is to save on the ebay price of the component lead by a significant amount(I also own one of those), but given how much cleaner the image is – typically because TVs can be a bit hit-and-miss with scaling component compared to hdmi, so even supplying interlaced over hdmi lets the TV game mode scaler work wonders. Then when you factor in the additional video/audio options of the Spartan board firmware, even at price parity of £350 for the mod PCB, it wins out in my opinion – although I went external with the PCB using three 5-10cm lengths of CAT5 cable running out through the vacated multi-av port’s chassis hole (and with plans to side mount the Spartan board in a case that is secured to the right side rear of the cube with the old av-mult socket for component in there too).

        On the topic of the picture noise, the reason I went with an external mod solution was to avoid the Spartan PCB becoming actively cooled and susceptible to EMFs inside the cube’s metal shielding. I choose CAT5 because it is rated at 100Mbit/s per 50 Meters, so even with the 4 pairs being disentangle in bunch one, and the 3 pairs being disentangled in bunch two, and the two final pairs of 2 wires being routed separately in bunches 3 and 4 (one on its own carrying the clock signal and the 5V power, and the other carry a ground and the optional controller wire) the rating of the 4 pairs, 3 pairs and single pairs (even outside of their perfect CAT5 condition) should easily be able to carry the 500Mbit/s theoretical maximum video/audio signal of the cube to the PCB without interference; which it does for me, thankfully.

        So if you are thinking about other options to remove the picture noise issue, going external with CAT5 might be an option you could try, if it turned out interference was the source of the problem.

        Although the mod works great, we did need to repair the solder pad that is used to wire the Spartan’s optional controller wire, because the wires in the CAT5 are far too thick for soldering to the pad, which I shouldn’t have insisted getting the engineer to try, first. In the end we had to get much thinner (unrated) wire for that, and then bridge the track from the (pcb’s track origin) pad to inside the broken pad, and then solder a T-junction connection on the bridged wire to use a CAT5 wire to carry it to the Spartan.

        Thanks again for the great info on your site, hope you get to the source of the picture noise issue.

  40. Thom says:

    So I have a PAL Gamecube and PAL Gamecube Games. Would this benefit me in anyway? Would it look better than using RGB-scart?

  41. Spencer says:

    Do you ship to the US? Who pays return postage?

  42. Matt M says:

    Hi, about maybe a year or so ago I was put on the waiting list. I was wondering if the mod is still going to be produced? For a very long time it has said 3-4 weeks and I was wondering if you still make these or what.

  43. Gary says:

    I recently watched a video from Metal Jesus Rocks where he had a GC VIDEO Plug n Play 2.0 hdmi mod for his GameCube. I think it ended up bricking his game cube when it accidentally got a knock whilst powered on.

    How does this mod differ to the the one he used? Is this safer?


  44. Matt says:

    Will be mod be for sale in 2018?

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