Nintendo 64 HDMI upgrade

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  • Nintendo 64 HDMI upgrade
  • Nintendo 64 HDMI upgrade
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This part is in heavy demand and is on back-order, please contact us to put your name down and reserve a unit. We’ll then get back in touch when they are in stock again.

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Have your N64 upgraded to HDMI output with this stunning new mod. The N64 HDMI upgrade is like a custom built XRGB scaler just for your Nintendo 64 console. It can output a variety of resolutions, add scanline overlays and has a very impressive de-blur filter to make N64 graphics sharper than they’ve ever looked before. This really is an incredible upgrade and an essential purchase for N64 fans! For more details of what this mod can do, click here.

Note this mod requires a small case modification for the mini-HDMI connector. You can see this modification in the picture above. While this is unavoidable, as this is a custom designed part for the N64 the installation is cosmetically very neat.

What is the in game reset option? – This allows you to reset the console by holding the Z+R+A+B+START buttons on the controller. It’s only really useful for Everdrive or other flash-cartridge owners as a means to quickly and conveniently exit back to the flash cartridges menu.

Not compatible with the Pikachu edition N64 – This model requires some additional clips to be 3D printed, unfortunately we don’t have access to a 3D printer at present.

User guide

You can download the user guide here.

Remember, this upgrade uses a Mini HDMI connector, you will need a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable to connect it to your television or monitor.

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registered my interest in the upgrade end of February in this amazing piece of kit finally got the email saying the upgrade was available so I paid straight away and sent n64 last Thursday the 10th Matt kept me updated through out the upgrade and received my modded console today the 16th amazing timescales and couldn't be happier Amazing mod from an amazing company there really are perfection

N64 HDMI modification

As a fan of the N64 I've always been disappointed by the systems video quality limitations. What looked fine on my old 21" CRT in 1997 turned into a horrible smeary mess on modern fixed pixel displays. My XRGB mini helped (through composite) but scanlines were a must to make things look acceptable. I was about to pull the trigger on a RGB mod when I stumbled across pictures of the upcoming Ultra HDMI modification with VI deblur in action. This seemed like the solution to my problems and I registered my interest with Matt at videogameperfection.

A long wait ensured due to stock issues (no fault of VGP) and Matt remained friendly and professional despite me bombarding him with request for updates.I almost gave up hope and was about to return to the RGB mod idea when I got an email from VGP saying they had secured a small amount of stock. I paid and sent my console off the same day. This was super easy to do using VGP's ordering system and I received email updates at every stage whilst the console was away.

After a short wait for the parts to arrive from the US, the modification was completed in a couple of days and the N64 back in my hands. I'd sent in a semi transparent grape purple console and was a little concerned about how the modification would look, i.e. visible wires/boards etc. As it turns out these worries were completely unfounded. From a normal front/top view the console looks completely stock. Turning it round reveals the subtly placed mini HDMI slot that looks like Nintendo put it there. Turning it upside down and you can just about make out the small board that makes it all work. To say I was extremely pleased with both the quality of the modification and the workmanship of VGP is an understatement.

After a few seconds spent setting everything up using the helpfully included instructions I popped mario 64 in and was back in 1997. I wont spend ages going through all the features as Matt's review on here does a good, honest job of that. The various settings and features make subtle differences but it all adds up to remove a layer of smear and the results are what I remember looking at back at the 90's. Also one of my favorite things about this modification is it's simplicity compared to using an external upscaler and RGB. HDMI cables are cheap and robust as are HDMI switches which is welcome relief from the analogue nature of RGB scart and dealing with decade old switch boxes. It's also super easy to throw in a bag to take it round mates houses knowing it'll plug straight into their TV and still produce pleasing results.

I know the cost will be an issue for some but if like me you love the N64 then I unconditionally recommend it. Also I wouldn't hesitate to use videogameperfection again in the future.

Thanks James, lovely review and we're delighted to see you're happy with the mod.


'I'm a retro game nut, as probably most people who use the services on this site are also. But it's only been the last couple of years that I've been obsessing over getting the best picture quality possible out of the classic consoles with modern TV's. Now I know right off the bat that there will be immediate cries of 'emulators'! but I'm talking about the authentic experience here, for collectors of consoles. The turning point for me was hosting a retro game night one Christmas. You can imagine the excitement, 6 guy's, all childhood friends, time off work, memories of goldeneye multiplayer, and some suitable taunts and hype surrounding the evening. We dusted off the N64, hooked in the composite cable, cracked open the beers and settled in for an evening of laughs and head shots. Then the title screen flashed up, and something was immediately wrong.

Jesus, I remember myself saying, this didn't look this bad back in the day! But with my nostalgia goggles firmly lodged over my eyes, I played on. To be honest, we still had an absolute blast, and before too long we'd been on the N64 for 6 hours straight. The problem wasn't the timeless, classic game play. The problem was the visuals. By the 6 hour mark, my eyes felt like they were physically bleeding, two of my friends were on the floor in the fetal position, cradling their heads and twitching sporadically, whilst another friend had decided to wander into the kitchen to see if he could gauge his eye's out with a teaspoon. After everyone's eyes had stopped leaking, we talked about this afterwards, and that was it, I was a man on a mission.

After researching the issues and eventually getting my head around the problem (I'm the proverbial cave man when it comes to techie stuff, my solution to most tech problems is A. Hit it, B. Hit it really hard, or C. duct tape and WD40), my searching led to Videogameperfection. In the past 12 months I've had two mods done on two of my N64's. The first was the well known Tim Worthington RGB mod. For the price, this is an excellent mod that, with the right cable (SNES or Gamecube RGB scart), does markedly improve the picture quality. Colours were brighter, the pixels seemed a little sharper, overall an improved picture that a second game night verified as an improvement; nobody wanted an eye transplant afterwards. I also have to say that customer service from Matt was first rate. I've had mods done before and have been burnt, badly. But Matt was the consummate pro, clear communication, simple instructions, and a fast work time. I had my newly modded N64 back in my hands within the week of me sending it!

And that, I thought was that. At the time in the land of N64 graphical mods, the RGB mod was pretty much the canines dangly bits. But then came the whispers of a rumor. Somewhere in the dark corners of internet forums, people were saying that there was a HDMI mod in development for the N64, one that would surpass RGB and give fans and collectors the best possible native picture output from there beloved machines. I couldn't believe it, in fact I didn't. I'd settled and accepted that RGB was going to be the best I could get with regards to the N64. But then I got an email from Matt towards the end of 2015.

HDMI for N64 from UltraHDMI was, as everyone now knows, legit. Needless to say when Matt offered me the chance to try the mod out, I jumped. As per usual the customer service was superb, this site really is one of the only sites I'd ever trust with gaming mods. I got my N64 back last week and, around being away with work, have played Jet Force Gemini and Perfect Dark (two games notorious for pushing the system to its visual limits). The immediate thing that hits you about the mod is how damn easy it is to use. It comes with a 5 page quick start guide that even tech-plebians like me could easily use, with each option clearly explained. I spent about 5 seconds looking at this, and jumped straight in.

Let me get one thing straight right off the bat, this really is the best way to play your N64. Even without the optimum settings, the video output surpassed the RGB picture quality, no doubt. Once you've played around with the settings for about 5 minutes though, and found the settings you like, it really does look as good as it did back in the 90's. settings like the scanlines and vi de-blur can take you right back to your living room in '96' sat in front of the monstrous sized but beloved CRT TV you used to own. I can't tell you how much of an improvement the optimized HDMI output is compared to all other mod options. And for those who are even less tech savvy than I am, there is a simple 'retro' setting that tweaks the picture to a pre set load out that generally optimizes the picture and replicates the old CRT TV's. It is such a simple thing to use after 5 minutes of familiarization. I still love my RGB mod, Tim Worthington did a great job with that, but this is the best way to play the N64 on modern TV's, props to UltraHDMI.

The only downside is cost, at £198 this mod is not cheap to say the least. But as a collector and someone who wishes to keep returning to the magic of this console with my kids in future years, the ability to play and truly enjoy these games again without having the creeping thoughts of poor visuals is, well, priceless. If you get the chance, go for this mod, it's worth every penny. For those who can't afford the HDMI mod, the Tim Worthington mod is the next best thing and remains very affordable. Either way, Videogameperfection can't do wrong in my eyes, and after using their services twice, I know I can trust their great work and reliable customer service again in the future, gamecube HDMI mod next!

Right, I'm getting back to Jet Force Gemini, kicking Mizars arse has never looked so good

Good gaming and peace out people,


Wonderful review Damien, thank you!

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