Nintendo 64 RGB modification (Tim Worthington board)

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  • Nintendo 64 RGB modification (Otaku Store or Tim Worthington board)
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All repair/modification work is carried out subject to our terms and conditions. Once you have placed your order, details of where to ship your hardware will be sent to your e-mail address. Prices do NOT include return postage. To estimate return postage we recommend Parcel2Go. Parcels will be returned by Royal Mail or UPS only.

Is your N64 console not compatible with the RGB amp? Fear not, we can fit Tim Worthington’s N64 RGB upgrade kit if you supply it to us. The above price is for fitting only, you must arrange for the appropriate parts to be shipped to us. If you think you may have a N64 compatible with the RGB Amp mod, but you’re not sure, you can purchase the first mod and we will check the console for you. If it’s incompatible, you can then arrange for the Tim Worthington part to be sent to us.

What is a MAV or AVDC NUS?

The video encoder in the N64 is called the NUS chip. This is the chip that the RGB mod will attach to. On later models of the N64, Nintendo changed the design of this chip slightly. If your console has a MAV or AVDC NUS you will require an additional part from Tim Worthington and the installation is a tiny bit more difficult, hence the increased price. The only way to know for sure which NUS your console has is to open it and access the motherboard. Please only open your N64 console if you have the correct screwdriver and you are extremely confident working inside of your machine. Be particularly careful when removing the heatsink/shield from the motherboard as parts of the shielding may be stuck to the motherboard. The picture here shows a NUS chip on a N64 motherboard. If you prefer, we can open your console once we have received it and order the correct part on your behalf. Please check that the board is in stock here before sending in your console.

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Nintendo 64 RGB modification
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by Phil on Nintendo 64 RGB modification
Very cool

Very impressive results and not too expensive either! Glad to do business with these guys, the difference between RGB and regular composite or s-video is well worth the upgrade!

Thanks for the review and kind words!

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  1. jagonmes says:

    Is it the last version (1.2) and, if it is, can a switch be installed?

  2. Lawer says:

    Does this board have CSYNC and internal attenuated 75Ohm?

  3. B marmalade says:

    Hi ya is this board compatible with Pal version N64’s

  4. shartmachine says:

    When do you guys plan on resuming this mod? I’m very interested in getting my US N64 modded.

  5. Laito says:

    Is this going to be available again any time soon?

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