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Important! – We give you the option to purchase the OSSC without power supply unit (PSU) or remote, so that you can use suitable replacements you may already have yourself. Information on using alternative remotes is available here. Please note the specs of the required PSU carefully. You require a unit that outputs DC 5V with at least 1 Amp. The tip must be 2.1 x 5.5mm and centre positive. Please note that damage caused by using an incorrect PSU is not covered under the warranty.

It’s finally here! The ultimate lag-free retro gaming linedoubler and processor hits the market. Now there’s an affordable way to use your retro consoles on your PC monitor or TV in perfect quality. No more bad upscaling, no more interlacing artefacts, no more high input lag, the OSSC is a dream for retro gamers and collectors!

What does it do?

Processes (line doubles) retro games with NO input lag – Unlike other scalers, such as the XRGB Mini, the OSSC works on individual scanlines rather than a frame at a time, that means there’s no input lag whatsoever (well, a few nanoseconds if you really want to be precise).

Eliminates ugly deinterlacing artefacts and bad scaling – Connect most retro consoles to your TV and if you get a picture at all, it’s likely to be ugly. Bad scaling combined with deinterlacing (which should never even be applied to 240p material) will ruin the picture and make you wish you had your old CRT back. Well, worry no more! OSSC converts the image into a 480p or 720p (where compatible) image that is correctly displayed and processed. EVERY special effect, from 240p drop shadows to striped sprites, is rendered correctly.

Converts SCART and Component to DVI/HDMI – Feed in a 480p component video signal from a Wii and get out a perfectly processed 480p DVI or HDMI (with a simple adapter) image. The quality is flawless!

Convert VGA to DVI/HDMI – Connect a Dreamcast directly to the unit and enjoy HDMI processing of all your games, not just those that support 480p.

Fast deinterlacer – Fed up with high input lag on interlace games? The OSSCs deinterlacer is lag free! Note that this does however mean there’s a drop in picture quality for interlace sources, but this is unavoidable. A pass through mode, where interlace signals are sent directly to the TV for processing instead, is now available.

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What are other people saying?

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Documentation, support and returns

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In addition to the standard 1 year EU warranty, we’re also giving a one-month no quibble return for all units. Test the OSSC in your setup and if it doesn’t work, return it to us for a full refund. All we ask is that you pay return postage and send the complete unit and any accessories undamaged. Contact us here if you need to return a unit.

Technical specs


  • 1 X SCART – Supports RGBs (clean csync, cvideo sync, luma sync), RGsB, Ypbpr
  • 1 X Component video – Supports Ypbpr and RGsB signals
  • 1 X D-SUB15 (VGA) – Supports RGBHV, RGBs, RGsB, Ypbpr
  • Composite video and S-Video are NOT supported and require an adapter/transcoder



  • 1 X DVI-D (digital only, no audio) Full-range 24-bit RGB output through DVI/HDMI
  • 1 X Analogue audio 3.5mm


Supported input resolutions

  • 240p/288p/480i/576i 15khz
  • 25Khz medium-res modes
  • 480p/576p/720p 31khz


Supported output resolutions

  • 240p/288p -> 480p or 720p line triple (compatible displays only)
  • 25Khz medium-res modes -> 480p
  • 480i/576i -> 480p/576p or pass-through
  • all 31khz resolutions passed through


Other features

  • Back lit LCD
  • SD Card socket for firmware updates
  • JTAG connector
  • IR reciever


Power requirements

  • DC 5V 1 Amp – 2.1 x 5.5mm positive tip


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The best thing I can say about the OSSC is that it places the focus back onto retro games. As much as I credit the XRGB for breathing new life into my retro library, I found myself spending more time navigating the painfully slow interface to achieve the desired results than I was actually gaming. The OSSC forgoes a lot of the XRGB’s features for the benefit of zero lag and being focused on line doubling/line tripling flawlessly. It’s a trade I’m more than willing to make as the results are astounding. Big thanks to Marqs for designing the OSSC and also VideoGamePerfection for assisting with production.

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  1. Samson says:

    Given how many people have signed up for the mailing list in response to this, do you think you’ll have enough of these to meet demand by the end of the year? I’m kicking myself because I signed up for the newsletter at the beginning of June but evidently didn’t click the “activate” link back then.

    Are you going to make kits available in that time frame as well?

    While I’d rather not assemble the whole thing myself, the thought of needing yet another box with yet another power supply just to combine DVI and analog audio is pretty unbearable. Any chance you’ll sell these complete minus the DVI output and let us “integrate” the HDMI connector ourselves?

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Yeah we’re certainly trying to ramp up supply, I want to make sure we’ve got plenty in time for Christmas. Integrating the HDMI connector isn’t that simple, that won’t magically give you digital audio because there’s no audio encoder on the board. We’re working on some digital audio upgrade boards though, both as a DIY upgrade and as a fitting service.

      • Samson says:

        The PCB diagrams on the wiki indicated an HDMI socket, so I thought it had just been stubbed for the DVI port, but that makes sense.

        Is this device capable (through a firmware update) of adjusting overscan? That would be extremely helpful for EDTV CRTs which support 480p natively.

        • BuckoA51 says:

          Adjusting by zooming the picture? No. Adjusting by moving the picture, potentially.

          • Samson says:

            Yeah, definitely not talking about zoom. My knowledge of analog video signals would barely fill a thimble but I remember the horizontal and vertical width being controllable via pots on older TVs. I always thought the video signal itself could be adjusted to achieve the same effect (and thus compensate for overscan), but I suppose that was adjusting the CRT and not the signal…

  2. Flygon says:

    Hey! Does this support line doubling interlaced signals into interlaced signals?

    For example, 480i to 960i, going from ‘even-odd’, to ‘even-even-odd-odd’.

    My TV supports this, and it’d be awesome to see a line doubler support this. 🙂

  3. andrew says:

    reading the tech spec shows output is HDMI but without sound? Is this correct? If that is the case how to send sound input to LED tv? Btw, i’m using the Omega Entertainment system playing neo geo mvs games with scart output. Is this supported?

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Yes Neo Geo is absolutely supported. Typically you route sound to your AV receiver or hifi or many TVs have a separate audio input. Failing this, an audio integrator must be used.

  4. David Kerekes says:

    Just found out about this.

    Where can we buy one?

  5. Matthew says:

    Please support output formats 576p (288p line doubled) and 864p (288p line tripled) – both of which are supported by the majority of PAL displays – all my TVs/Monitors do at least (Samsung & LG).

  6. krisstof bizac says:

    I receive the newsletters but nothing for getting one 🙁 , let me know how to be on the queue thanks

    Mr BIG

  7. David Kerekes says:

    I read this doesn’t have HDMI out, but you have to buy a DVI and analogue audio to HDMI integrator?

    Where would I buy one of these? I need it to have HDMI out put.

    Also it seems your upgrading the audio board for digital audio. When will these be available?

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