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  • Sega Game Gear Screen Replacement Service
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Available now! (handled by our partners BetaGamma Computing in Greece)

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Breathe new life into your classic Sega Game Gear hand held with this cutting edge LCD replacement. Order this mod and once we receive your Game Gear console we will replace its tired old screen with this new, vibrant model which will make playing Game Gear games a lot more fun, thanks to increased brightness, contrast, picture sharpness and improved battery life. Just look at this comparison picture to see the difference.


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Optionally, we can also fit a VGA output option, allowing you to play your Game Gear games on your monitor or HDTV (VGA input or a suitable adapter, such as an OSSC, is required). Now, when you are home you can enjoy your favourite classic Game Gear games on the big screen too!

Note that if your Game Gear console currently has a faint or difficult to see screen, quiet audio or a screen you can only see at an angle, it is likely that the consoles capacitors need replacing. If you have never had your Game Gear consoles capacitors replaced you should order the “Replace screen and capacitors” service. We will not install screen upgrades into units with bad or failing capacitors.

These replacement LCDs are the best on the market and have been specifically engineered for the Game Gear. While not retaining the native resolution of the original Game Gear screen, they offer several versatile scaling modes, these modes can be selected at any time by holding buttons 1, 2 and Start on the Game Gear. The modes are as follows.

1 – Scaled Resolution – The Game Gear’s 160×144 resolution scaled to the 320×240 resolution of the new LCD screen.

2 – Scaled Resolution with Scanlines – As above but with vertical scanlines, emulating the look of the original screen.

3 – Doubled Horizontal, Scaled Vertical Resolution – An alternative scaling mode that doubles the consoles 160 horizontal pixels to 320. When scaled to the 320 pixels of the LCD screen, the horizontal resolution is upscaled perfectly, while the vertical resolution is stretched to fit.

4 – Doubled Horizontal, Scaled Vertical Resolution with Scanlines – As above, but with scanlines.

5 – Doubled Resolution (cropped image) – The Game Gear’s native resolution is doubled to 320×288, but only 240 of the 288 vertical pixels are displayed. This mode is useful as it produces a pixel perfect scale, but with the top and bottom of the image cut off. Depending on the game, this might be an acceptable trade-off.

6 – Doubled Resolution with Scanlines – This is the same mode as above but with scanlines added.

7 – Native Resolution – This mode displays the native 160×144 resolution centred in the 320×240 resolution of the screen with black borders around the edges.

Our friends over at have done an in-depth review and test of this mod, including comparison shots and examples of all the scaling modes. Check it out by clicking here.

The controller port module, which allows you to connect a Sega Megadrive controller to your Game Gear, is coming soon.

If you’d rather DIY fit your game gear screen, you can buy the kits here.

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  1. Adrian says:

    Hey Matt. When is the controller port version being released? What are the pros and cons of having a vga port rather than scart?

    Thanks for your time

    • BuckoA51 says:

      No news on the controller port. VGA output can do 15khz or 31khz so it’s only a matter of finding the correct cables to hook it up to whatever display or scaler you prefer.

  2. Payton b says:

    Do you guys refurbish game gears with the new mcwill lcd screen and better sound boards I am looking for a service on 3 game gears please text me at or email me at

  3. Maramilitia says:

    I would really appreciate a mention since your using my mcwill gamegear comparison picture 3 times on your website. It took me a lot of time getting the right picture before i modded my gamegear then taking a picture to try to match the previous after modding and then of course putting it together. You should really make sure to credit people on your site.

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