Sony PlayStation DFO installation service

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  • Sony PlayStation DFO installation service
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If you’ve ever had problems running NTSC software on a PAL PlayStation 1 console, or problems running PAL software on a NTSC console, the Dual Frequency Oscillator (DFO) could be the solution to the problem. When a PAL PS1 is forced to run NTSC software, it generates its video timings using a crystal or oscillator that is designed for PAL signals not NTSC. This results in a signal that’s considerably outside of NTSC specifications. This can cause the following problems.

  • Black and white image when using composite or S-Video – Even on a fully NTSC/PAL compliant display or device
  • Stutter or judder during scrolling scenes in any/all games
  • Horizontal white lines that intermittently cut through the image
  • A picture tearing effect


The DFO fixes this problem by replacing the standard clock crystal/oscillator in your PlayStation with a dual frequency device. This device detects which mode the PlayStation is in and switches to the appropriate oscillator for that region. This means the video signal output by a PAL console when running NTSC games is now exactly the same as if it were a native NTSC console (and vice versa of course).

The DFO makes an excellent accompaniment to the PSIO device and means you can play all those import games on your PAL console without worrying about your TV rejecting the signal.

Order two or more PlayStation or SNES mods at the same time and receive a £5 discount on your order.

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Sony PlayStation DFO installation service
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  1. Oliver Taylor says:


    Would you expect to offer this service again in the future?

    Kind regards.

  2. Hal says:

    Hi there quick question – do you know if the PAL PS2’s suffer from this same DFO issue when playing NTSC PS1 discs?

    I’m hoping to have my PAL PS2 Slim (model with the original PSX chip inside rather than emulation) modded to be region free, mostly for NTSC PS1 discs, so just wondered if I might run into this issue?

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