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Revisiting 480px2 on the…

Sharp scaling, better colours, less ringing. The OSSC's 480px2 mode deserves another look thanks to the new "Allow…

VP50 Pro and OSSC…

Has the XRGB Mini lost its crown as the best retro console upscaling solution? Find out in this extensive…

To the third power!…

In this article we're going to take a closer look at one of the unique features of the OSSC,…
DVDO Edge Videoprocessor

The curious DVDO Edge…

After research we can confirm certain systems have increased input lag on the DVDO Edge.

More Micomsoft information

Fudoh has posted a fantastic guide to the Micomsoft line of upscalers, where he details the strengths and weaknesses…
DVDO Edge Videoprocessor

DVDO Edge and PCs

You might think that there's little need for a video-processor with the PC. Depending on how you game on…

Input lag testing!

I finally got around to writing my review of the interesting Leo Bodnar display lag tester.
qbert saying naughty words

Couple of minor updates

Just a heads up, I’ve made a couple of minor updates to two articles. I’ve added a small note…
XRGB3 Video processor

Transcoding with the XRGB3…

Using the XRGB3 to convert between component video and RGB.
DVDO Edge Videoprocessor

DVDO Edge – A…

How to use and integrate this video processor in your gaming setup.

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