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NES de-jitter kits and…

We can now supply the NES/SNES de-jitter kits pre-flashed with NES firmware, and Megadrive/Genesis RGB bypass boards are back…

Sega MegaDrive 1 RGB…

The Megadrive RGB bypass board is now available in our store. What's more, BetaGamma Computing have come up with…

Mega Everdrive X7 Review

Is this really the ultimate flash cartridge for your Sega Megadrive/Genesis? Find out in our extensive bench test.

Mega AMP 1.2 Review

Can the Mega AMP 1.2 fix your Megadrive/Genesis sound problems? Find out in this review.

Playing Today – The…

Everything you need to know about playing and integrating the Megadrive/Genesis into your modern games room.

Three Megadrives for sale

I decided that I needed to clear out some of my duplicate consoles and so there are now three…

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